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Rousseau or Jadot?  Full suspense in the second round of the green primary – Presidential Election


The final result, which will be announced at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, is at least as unpredictable as that of the first round, which did not deliver an easy to interpret picture, with four candidates above 20%.

Whose voices are Batho and Piolle?

It is, in fact, difficult to predict to whom the voters of Delphine Batho (22.32%), champion of “degrowth”, but also a former minister specializing in sovereign issues, will refer. Neither those of the mayor of Grenoble Éric Piolle (22.29%), who embodied both an ecology anchored to the left and a concern for institutional pragmatism.

“Since EELV has existed, there is, on the one hand, an impetus towards respectability and institutionalization, and, on the other, an impulse towards an ecology that is a resonance chamber for struggles and a lever for rupture rather than a cog of the system ”, analyzes a former elected Green, a good connoisseur of the party. “The difficulty for the two finalists is that the base of the first round is weak, for one as for the other,” he adds.

MEP Yannick Jadot, favorite at the start line, took first place in the first round with 27.7% of the vote. A score, however, considered rather low in terms of its notoriety. What is more, the media dynamic of recent weeks is more for her competitor Sandrine Rousseau, who collected 25.14% of the votes.

To stop it, Yannick Jadot occupied the field all this week, making a first trip to Sevran on Tuesday, a second in the twentieth arrondissement of Paris on Friday, both times on a theme mixing ecology and social.

He himself had to position himself on “radicalism”, believing that it had to be concretely translated into “ecology of government”.

What I’ve seen for two days is a favorite in panic

Support from green heavyweights

To support him, he has benefited from numerous support from heavyweight environmentalists in recent days, such as the president of the metropolis of Lyon Bruno Bernard, the mayor of Bordeaux Pierre Hurmic or the philosopher Bruno Latour.

But the memory of green voters voting against the favorite (Nicolas Hulot in 2011, Cécile Duflot in 2016) is on everyone’s mind. “What I have seen for two days is a favorite in panic. It uses the vocabulary of Sandrine Rousseau, which is never a good sign, ”smiles the former EELV deputy Sergio Coronado, support for“ the eco-feminist ”.

For his part, the deputy Matthieu Orphelin, supporter of Yannick Jadot, regrets that Sandrine Rousseau “constantly seeks to cast doubt on the commitments” of the former director of Greenpeace France. “After a superb primary, the week of the second round should not handicap ecology because it wants to divide too much”.