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Rostrenen: massive support for Morgan Large and the freedom to inform – Brittany

Despite the confinement, several hundred people flocked to Rostrenen this Tuesday, April 6, to massively support Morgan Large and the freedom to inform. In the crowd, journalists, trade unionists, activists, elected officials, citizens but also three candidates for the regional elections (Daniel Cueff, Marie-Madeleine Doré-Lucas and Claire Desmares-Poirrier).

Initiated by journalists from Radio Breizh, this rally aimed to denounce the act of sabotage to which their colleague was victim. This Wednesday, March 31, Morgan Large has, in fact, discovered that two bolts had been removed from a wheel of his car.

Guillaume Robic, mayor of Rostrenen; Alan Cloarec, president of RKB; Gwenvaël Delanoë and Sylvain Ernault (SNJ); Serge Le Quéau (Solidarity); a representative of Canihuel’s “Ensemble c’est tout” collective, took turns speaking before letting Morgan Large conclude. (The Telegram / Samuel Uguen)

One more malevolence. Malevolence too much. “It’s not human to do that to people and put families at risk. How can we respect each other doing things like this? »Asks Morgan Large, his eyes clouded with emotion.

“Brittany is a territory attached to its press”

The journalist from Radio Kreiz-Breizh has no doubts about the causal link between her work on agribusiness and these pressures. Since the broadcast, in November 2020, of the documentary “Brittany, sacrificed land” in which she testified, she has observed a “rise in intimidation”: threats on social networks, anonymous phone calls, attempted break-in of studios by RKB …

Rostrenen: massive support for Morgan Large and the freedom to inform – Brittany
Despite the lockdown, freedom to inform advocates have flocked to Rostrenen. (The Telegram / Samuel Uguen)

Tired and tried, Morgan Large remains nonetheless combative. The strong mobilization of this Tuesday only reinforces his convictions. “It means that the people of Central Brittany are attached to the freedom to inform and that is still very reassuring. But we know that Brittany is a territory attached to its press, to its information. “

With the help of Reporters Without Borders, Morgan Large will file a complaint shortly. For the rest, she aspires only to one thing “to be able to return to work on the ground normally”.

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