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Another subject at the top of the pile: a plump law on energy sovereignty, left by its predecessor, Agnès Pannier-Runacher. The text initially planned for the end of January notably set France’s climate and energy objectives, and reformed the electricity market. The minister gave himself time for consultation before deciding on the future of the text.

Questioned on the subject, in his deep and calm voice, Roland Lescure dodges the question, while suggesting that he would happily do without a legal text on climate objectives. “(This) only makes sense if we have an instructive and peaceful debate,” he argues. He is expected to speak on the fate of this law – and the possible outcomes – on Wednesday April 10.

“Scattered” climate topics

Two months after his arrival as Minister of Energy, Roland Lescure must still convince that this new division is the most relevant to succeed in the energy transition. Associations, such as Climate Action Network (RAC), which brings together several environmental NGOs, are concerned about the separation between questions of energy consumption and questions of production.

Anne Bringault, RAC program director, adds: “At Bercy, they are green when it helps develop French industry. On certain subjects, it can be good but when it comes to moving towards sobriety, they are less on their usual ground. A solar lobbyist for his part wants to believe that this grouping will allow “more fluid” action, and says he is “quite optimistic”.

In government too, opinions are diverse. Asked by POLITICO, a former collaborator of Agnès Pannier-Runacher at the Ministry of Energy Transition says he is “divided”: “Part of the energy transition depends on industrial sectors, but this also testifies to a narrowed ambition, because we cannot places more emphasis on sobriety. And our ministry concentrates essential files that are currently scattered.

At the Roquelaure hotel, an advisor to Christophe Béchu’s minister assures that everything is going well: “Energy in Bercy is not a problem for us.” It must be said that the current Minister of Ecological Transition also took advantage of the reshuffle to fill his portfolio, particularly with issues of mitigation and adaptation to climate change.


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