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Rokhaya Diallo files a complaint against a Sud Radio listener – RT in French

After the outcry over the exhumation of an October extract from Sud Radio where a listener had criticized her with racist clichés on Africa, Rokhaya Diallo announced on the station that she was going to file a complaint.

In the aftermath of the heated controversy triggered by the broadcast of racist comments targeting Rokhaya Diallo made in October by a listener on Sud Radio, the journalist and activist announced on the same channel that she was going to file a complaint.

“I was stunned by the degree of racism carried by this woman and by the indifference towards which she found herself. I saw on the set sir [Philippe] Bilger who encouraged her with a joke, another columnist who smiled, who was amused to see someone qualify me in a way that suggests that my citizenship is totally conditional, ”she denounced in particular.

On October 22, a Carcassonne listener named Barbara had estimated live on Sud Radio that Rokhaya Diallo owed his diplomas and his notoriety to the “education and openness” of France.

“She would be [sans la France] in Africa with 30 kilograms more, 15 kids, looting the millet on the ground and waiting for Monsieur to give it his turn between the four other wives ”, she declared in particular.

I believe that anyone who speaks in public spaces must take responsibility

“Attention Danièle Obono will fall on you”, had also ironized the former magistrate Philippe Bilger present on the set of the radio station, referring to the member from the ranks of La France insoumise. Another participant, columnist and essayist Céline Pina, had for her part smiled during this comment which was strongly criticized on social networks.

The exhumation of this sequence provoked the reaction of the Minister of Culture Roselyne Bachelot who had indicated to seize the CSA.

Pointing out the clichés “extremely offensive to Africans” of these remarks, Rokhaya Diallo also saw “grossophobic” prejudices: “There is absolutely no harm in weighing a greater weight than that. that I currently have ”, she declared on Sud Radio.

The forties announced during the same passage that she was filing a complaint against “this woman who made these remarks which are absolutely intolerable”. “I believe that anyone who speaks in public spaces must take their responsibilities […] I accept the debate of ideas, but I do not accept any insult or contempt towards my origins and towards the people of the African continent or from where they are ”, she justified.

The journalist Philippe Rossi, who presented the Sud Radio program, for his part has multiplied the excuses since the birth of the controversy, qualified these remarks as “abject” and “filthy” and specified on this occasion that “Sud Radio never credit these words ”.

“The radio wishes to condemn unfailingly the words which were insulting by this listener […] We will never condone comments of racist, anti-Semitic or even homophobic hatred “, assured for his part the director general of Sud Radio Patrick Roger who specified that reinforced controls had been put in place” at the standard “and” at the antenna ”to guarantee the freedom of speech of listeners in“ a framework of mutual respect ”and within the“ limits set by law ”.

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