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Rohit Sharma defends Chennai ground after India beat England to level test series |  Cricket News

The second proving ground at Chennia came under close scrutiny as England were beaten by 317 points, with former England captain Michael Vaughan describing it as a beach; Sharma says India was entitled to make the most of its domestic advantage

Last updated: 02/22/21 11:20 am

Rohit Sharma scored a century against England in the second Test in Chennai (Pic Credit – BCCI)

Indian batsman Rohit Sharma has targeted critics who complained about the Chennai ground in the second test against England, saying each team “is enjoying the conditions at home”.

After losing the opening test of the four-game series, India tied with a 317 point victory as England battled the spin on a track where Sharma and Ravichandran Ashwin respectively scored centuries in the first and second rounds.

Former Australian batsman Mark Waugh called the pitch unacceptable while former England captain Michael Vaughan described it as a beach.

But Sharma said India has a right to pave the way for her.

“The pitch is the same for both teams so I don’t know why there is so much talk about it. The grounds have been prepared like this in India for years,” Rohit said ahead of the third test in Ahmedabad, which begins on February 24.

“Each camp benefits from their home conditions even when we travel. When we travel, they (the adversaries) make life difficult for us.

“We have to follow the preference of our team. That is the meaning of the home advantage, otherwise we just have to take it away and the ICC should come up with a uniform rule everywhere for the pitches. When we go abroad, the people make life difficult for us.

“I don’t think pitches should be debated at all. Debates can take place about the players, their performance, [and] how they hit or bowling, but don’t discuss the pitches. Both teams play on the same field and whoever plays better wins. “

Sharma’s 161 established the platform for India in the opening innings even as the ball spun on the first session and stirred up dust on the landing, and the 33-year-old said it was an application question after reading the conditions.

“As a drummer, depending on the pitch, you prepare yourself. Players are chosen to play based on their skills and mindset for playing in difficult conditions.

“Chances are you will fail, but that doesn’t matter as long as you learn from it.

“We don’t complain about the pitch when we play outside India, we just move on and the rest should do the same. I would tell the pundits to talk about cricket and not the pitches.”


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