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Robert and Emmanuelle Ménard and the Béziers synagogue threatened with death and attack in a letter – RT in French

In a letter, the president of the Jewish association of Béziers received threats targeting the synagogue and the mayor of the city Robert Ménard as well as his wife who is a deputy. The author indicates that he wants to do “more carnage than the Bataclan”.

The mayor of Béziers Robert Ménard shared on social networks a letter of death threats targeting him, as well as his wife, the deputy Emmanuelle Ménard. In a tweet, he announced that he had filed a complaint.

The letter was sent to the city’s Jewish association. The author qualifies the Jews there as “parasites” and “cancer of humanity”. “I am very armed”, he warns besides, affirming to have “bought two Kalashnikovs” and “several ammunition […] expressly for you ”. “I will wait until the synagogues are full of vermin, so I do more carnage than the Bataclan”, threatens the individual who adds that he will then “see” [son] dear friend Ménard, his wife, his advisers and I will empty my magazine on it ”. “See you soon, friends,” he concludes.

According to France Bleu, it is the synagogues of Béziers and also of La Grande-Motte which have received “death threat letters in turn”. Questioned by the radio, the representative of the Jewish community of Béziers, Maurice Abitbol, ​​noted that he had so far never received such “violent and explicit” letters. He reveals that the letter would have been “signed, with a name and an address in the region”. He also thanked “the police, the prefecture but also the religious leaders of the Muslim and Christian communities for the support provided in recent hours”.

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