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Road safety: the number of deaths fell by 28% compared to March 2019 – France

Good news this Monday on the road safety front! With 183 deaths, the number of people killed on the roads of mainland France in March fell by 28% compared to March 2019, a new reference year. This decrease in mortality is largely explained by the curfew, the 10 km limitation as well as the incentive to telework, according to the National Interministerial Road Safety Observatory (ONISR).

The comparison with the figures of the previous year is no longer considered sufficiently representative, the March 2020 having been marked by strict confinement, and an unprecedented drop in traffic. A year later and despite the current restrictions, the authorities estimate the drop in traffic in March 2021 at only 10% “compared to the period preceding the first confinement”.

Sixteen cyclists and eighteen pedestrians among the 183 killed

Last month, among the 183 killed, were at least 86 motorists, 46 riders of motorized two-wheelers, sixteen cyclists and eighteen pedestrians, according to preliminary estimates, not complete.

People aged 65 and over were notably more affected by road fatalities in March 2021 (+20 deaths) than in March 2019.

In Overseas, mortality also fell slightly in March 2021 compared to 2019, with 22 deaths and 295 people injured.

In 2020, road fatalities in France experienced their lowest level since the post-war period, with a total of 2,550 victims.

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