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Rivian announces membership plan with top-up charging and LTE connectivity – TechCrunch

With R1T trucks rolling off the assembly line at its Normal, Illinois plant, Rivian continues to prepare for the official debut of its first electric vehicles later this month. The automaker on Thursday launched a membership program that will give Rivian owners access to additional charging on its soon-to-be-built Adventure Network and Waypoints chargers.

It is also committed to matching every mile driven by Rivian member customers with energy from renewable resources such as wind and solar power, as well as providing unlimited access to 4G LTE connectivity.

Plus, the service includes Rivian Off-Road Assistance, additional coverage that will see the company dispatch a recovery vehicle to you if you get stuck on the trail or need an emergency battery recharge. The company has also promised to add additional perks in the future, including new driving modes, community meetups, and in-cabin content. Each new Rivian vehicle will be accompanied by 12 months of free access to the service. After that, you will need to pay to continue enjoying the benefits of membership. The company has not indicated how much it plans to charge for the service, so we reached out to them for more information.

Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared on Engadget.