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Risking indictment, Jordan Bardella denounces “judicial jihadism” – RT in French

The European deputy (RN) Jordan Bardella denounced on September 13 the complaint against him by the mayor of Trappes and his possible indictment for having declared that the town looked like an “Islamic Republic”.

Invited on the set of Jean-Jacques Bourdin on September 13, Jordan Bardella announced that he risked an indictment following a complaint from the mayor of Trappes. “I inform you besides [que] I am summoned to court to be indicted for having indicated that the city of Trappes today looks more and more like an Islamic Republic, ”he announced. “There is jihadism by arms but also judicial jihadism,” he said indignantly.

Jordan Bardella thus referred to his statement made during a trip to Trappes on February 12. “Our elected officials close their eyes”, he had again hammered.

Newly appointed president of the RN since the entry into the campaign of Marine Le Pen, Jordan Bardella continued on his Twitter account: “I learn that justice is considering my indictment for having denounced the reality of Trappes: single-sex hairdressers, cafes forbidden to women, teachers under police escort. Fighting Islamism in 2021 is worth a fatwa, threats or prosecution. ”

Meeting during the municipal council of March 22, the elected officials of the city of Trappes had authorized their mayor, Ali Rabeh, to file a complaint against Jordan Bardella for defamation on behalf of the city, or even against other figures of the National Rally. Ali Rabeh reproached them for wanting to “make a reputation for themselves on the back of the city without ever having set foot there”. “I had warned that I will no longer let people smear Trappes in the media without ever having to report it,” he warned.

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