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RIIZE’s Seunghan will take an indefinite break from acting

RIIZE’s Seunghan will be taking an indefinite break.

On November 22, SM Entertainment released the following official statement announcing that Seunghan would be taking a hiatus from his activities:

Hello, this is SM Entertainment. This is a review for RIIZE member Seunghan.

Seunghan sincerely apologizes and reflects on himself for causing disappointment and trouble not only to the team and members, but also to fans due to issues regarding his personal life which were leaked and aired recently via social media and online communities.

Seunghan feels mental pressure and responsibility about this, so after deep thought, he expressed his intention to stop the team’s activities.

We also judged that it was too difficult for him to continue his activities in this situation, and respecting his opinion of no longer wanting to harm the team and members, we decided to suspend his activities for an indefinite period.

Therefore, RIIZE will promote with six members excluding Seunghan starting today (November 22).

This is an abrupt situation, but we ask for the fans’ generous understanding as this is a matter that was decided after extensive discussion with the artist himself, and we feel a great responsibility for having been inattentive to artist management even if it was before his debut. We once again deeply apologize to the fans.

However, the leaked and released videos and photos were taken in his free time during his internship days before his debut, and they were reproduced several times to cause misunderstandings through deliberate secondary editing, such as taking screenshots of a video whose source can be specified.

Furthermore, the individuals who leak and circulate these videos and photos even use malicious means to create baseless false information and messaging conversations that do not exist, pursuing acts of serious defamation against the artist by disseminating fabricated and distorted information that is different from the truth.

We started monitoring immediately after noticing the above situation, and we clarified who was behind the leaks and unauthorized circulation after gathering a significant amount of evidence. We plan to file a complaint this afternoon at the local police station.

Furthermore, we are considering additional legal action against the specified individual, not only for defamation of the artist through leaks and unauthorized releases, but also for various illegal acts such as cybercrimes and threat.

For the sake of the artist and the team as well as the fans who love the team, the agency will not only file legal complaints, but also respond firmly, without any settlement or leniency, to all forms of secondary harm such as generation, circulation and reproduction. additional articles on wild rumors regarding the artist.

We will continue to do our best to protect the artists of our agency.


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