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Right to vote: Eighteen states enacted new laws that make voting more difficult

Among the most common provisions, according to the Brennan researchers: Measures in seven states that expand the ability of officials to purge voters from registration lists or put voters at risk of having their names inappropriately removed. These laws were enacted in Arizona, Iowa, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Texas and Utah, according to the center.

Three of the 18 states with new voting restrictions have passed sweeping omnibus bills that cover a wide range of voting activity: Florida, Georgia and Iowa.
Republican attempts to pass an omnibus bill in Texas were thwarted by Democratic state lawmakers who fled the state to prevent Republican lawmakers from obtaining the quorum necessary to conduct business. But their departure will likely only delay action. Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has vowed to call more special sessions to advance Republicans’ election proposals.
Brennan’s tally of individual laws that restrict voting shows Arkansas and Montana in the lead, with four new laws each. Arizona was in second place with three new laws, including one that makes it more difficult to maintain the state’s absentee voters list.


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