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Richmond trainer helps clients build muscle and mindset


RICHMOND, Virginia (WWBT) – The body you want is the other side of hard work – it’s a philosophy Maria Jones lives by.

“I was overweight and depressed so I just wanted better for myself,” she says.

Jones started training and the change was almost instantaneous, both inside and out.

“Women noticed that I was much happier at work, that I was losing weight, so I said, ‘Come on for a walk with me.’

This commitment to her health turned into a new career as a personal trainer and her own gym, “Body by Maria”.

The body you want is the other side of hard work – it’s a philosophy Maria Jones lives by.(NBC12)

Over time, she lost over 80 pounds, dropping from 215 pounds to 130 pounds.

Carmen Candelario continues her own fitness journey, with Maria in the lead.

“We know we can be ourselves and we will not be judged. We train, we make friends, we inspire each other. I got to 181 pounds. I couldn’t even walk fast. Now I’m running 2-4 miles, ”said Candelario.

Candelario said she was thinking about plastic surgery, but Maria showed her that a healthier life is possible.

“Everyone has surgery and women start to look different, and when you hit a certain age you start to think, should I do the same?” But here at Body by Maria, we know we can work out, lose weight, and get what we want. It gives us confidence, it makes us feel good about ourselves, it gives us inner strength and it makes us realize that we can accomplish anything, ”said Candelario.

Carmen’s first steps put her on an incredible path to success, and she wanted to say thank you to Maria by nominating her for NBC12’s Acts of Kindness.

Maria received $ 300 and a $ 50 gift card at Restaurant Mexico.

Maria’s gym is more than just a place to work out – it’s a space for these women to come together and let go of their insecurities, as well as the weight.

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