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Reviews |  Stop hoping the GOP will play ball

Politico reported on Friday that the White House would lean more on the pulpit of bullies as its voting rights bills come to a halt. This includes getting the public more involved, partnering with businesses, and relying on the Department of Justice to challenge certain state laws.

Politico also reports that Democrats are preemptively cutting gun control legislation – preemptively adopting the compromise stance – to avoid a Republican roadblock that will most likely remain. According to Politico:

“Democrats are preparing to vote on a scaled-down gun bill – quite possibly a cut short plan to strengthen background checks on gun buyers. The goal is to unite the party and garner a limited number of Republican votes, even as their efforts appear to be heading towards the same doomed fate as previous proposals to tackle gun violence.

Rather than continuing to peddle false optimism that bipartisanship in most major legislation is truly possible with this Republican Party, Democrats need to tell their constituents uncomfortable truths.

First, the obvious: Even though Democrats control the House and Senate, not everyone in this caucus is fully committed to a Liberal political agenda. This means that moderates, like Manchin, are the de facto leaders of the Democratic majority. Nothing happens without their approval.

These are the same moderates who oppose the elimination of filibuster.

And it is precisely for these reasons that very little is likely to pass through this Senate that the Liberals will find satisfactory. Democrats must prepare for a massive disappointment.

In addition, we are heading towards a midterm election in which Republicans are optimistic about winning back the House and possibly the Senate.

I’m saying do without the bogus, wish-driven narrative that Democrats sell. Go down shouting and fighting. Much of the Democratic agenda may be stalled, but never stop reminding voters why it is: not because Democrats haven’t compromised enough, but because they haven’t. have never been able to compromise enough.

The current status quo is an impossible negotiation because it is not a negotiation. It’s a war. And in there, everything is fair. Republicans embraced a liar and racist in Donald Trump because their constituents embraced him. They have fantastically excused and multiplied the insurgency on Capitol Hill. They are rushing to write restrictions on voters that also give them more leverage over how the results are verified.

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