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Resumption of construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea – RT in english

The project to build the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which crosses the Baltic Sea to bring Russian natural gas to Europe, is expected to resume on a 2.6-kilometer stretch, project managers said on November 28.

The construction of the pipeline developed by the Russian giant Gazprom, with a total length of 1,230 kilometers, is practically completed; only a 120-kilometer stretch in Danish waters remains to be assembled.

Work was interrupted last December, the Swiss-Dutch group specializing in underwater works Allseas having suspended its activities due to sanctions taken by the United States against companies taking part in the project. The United States fears that the pipeline will increase the dependence of European countries on Russia, strengthening the latter’s influence.

The managers of Nord Stream 2 specified in a press release quoted by the Reuters agency that the name of the vessel in charge of the operations would be specified at a later date. They did not specify the date of the end of the work or how the other sections of the pipeline would be laid.

Gazprom is the leader of Nord Stream 2 but half of the financing is provided by the Germans Uniper and Wintershall, the Anglo-Dutch Shell, the Austrian OMV and the French Engie.

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