Request for “protection” from M Kharge to Jagdeep Dhankhar

Mr. Kharge spoke on several issues, exceeding the allotted time.

New Delhi:

Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge today complained to Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar that the opposition is not getting enough opportunities to express its views on various issues at inside the House, and requested that the cameras inside Parliament, which broadcast the proceedings live, should also focus on opposition MPs when they speak.

“We don’t have this chance outside. We have it here, so please let us have it,” he said on Monday while addressing the Rajya Sabha on the first day of the extraordinary session of Parliament.

What is mentioned here also sends a message outside that people’s problems are being discussed, he said, adding that the “constitutional work” that MPs are doing in the House should be encouraged by him and also by the government.

“You are our guardian. If there is injustice against us, it is you who are supposed to protect us. We are so few in number, if everyone (MPs from the ruling coalition, the NDA) starts to attack, then we will shout at you,” he said in a light-hearted exchange with Mr. Dhankhar, emphasizing that his protection was necessary.

The Congress president began his speech with a poem in Hindi addressing the Centre.

“If you want to change something, then change the situation
What do we accomplish by changing names like this?

If you want to give something, give work to young people
What do you get by putting everyone out of work?

Try to expand your heart a little
What do you get by killing people?

If you can’t do anything, get out of your chair.
What do we accomplish by scaring ourselves?

You are proud of your rule
What do you accomplish by intimidating people?’ he read in a newspaper.

The solid foundation stones that support a structure are not visible to anyone, only the name on the wall is, Mr Kharge said in an apparent mockery of Prime Minister Modi, without naming him.

He also said the government was focused on weakening the “strong” opposition through central agencies like the CBI and ED.

“Nehru ji believes that the absence of a strong opposition means that there are significant drawbacks in the system. If there is no strong opposition, it is not good. Now that he there is a strong opposition, the emphasis is on weakening it through the ED. CBI… Take them (to their own party), put them in a washing machine and when they come out clean, make them permanent (in his own party). You can see what is happening today. The Prime Minister comes to Parliament rarely and when he does, he leaves after making it an event,” Mr. Load.


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