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Republicans scramble for infrastructure support before vote fails

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, one of the group’s top Democrats, said he felt “confident” their efforts would have all 60 votes to move forward on an obstruction by next week. Manchin said “at first I was concerned” that Wednesday’s failed vote would send “the wrong message” on the state of negotiations. But Schumer reassured him that if there are 60 votes to pass it, the vote will come back.

Schumer “will question that if we show him we have the support,” Manchin said on Wednesday.

The Democratic Senate leader presented Republican support one last time this week, saying Republicans “should feel comfortable” moving forward as there is no deadline to complete the project. law and could be amended once the Senate debates it.

“We all want the same thing, pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill. But to complete the bill, we have to start first,” Schumer said Wednesday morning. Senatorial Minority Leader Mitch McConnell retorted that Schumer “intended to hold a vote he knows will fail.” He called Schumer’s tactics a “coup”.

When asked if he could support next week’s lawsuit, Senator Lindsey Graham (RS.C.) replied, “I hope so. Hopefully we can keep track of all the payments and that adds up. Everyone works really hard. I hope we are close enough that we can all vote with confidence “to break the initial obstruction.

The largest bipartisan group of senators will meet on Wednesday for a crucial lunch as they work to close a plan to spend nearly $ 600 billion in new money on roads, bridges and broadband. The top 10 members of that group met on Tuesday evening and are close to finalizing their deal, although drafting the actual legislation will still take several days.

Portman and others are expected to update the larger group on the progress, and there is a feeling within the bipartisan team that they are almost done with their long-standing discussions. Among the latest blockages are the financing of public transport and the financing of the bill.

Manchin said it was reasonable for Republicans to want to revisit those parts before committing to moving forward.

“I respect the fact that they want to see the content of what we’re doing. So they deserve it, ”Manchin said. “They have a right to see this and we hope to have it for them so that they can make a decision on Monday.”

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