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Republican congressman swears legal challenge to house metal detectors

As part of sweeping changes passed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the wake of the Jan.6 riot on Capitol Hill, members can face hefty fines – $ 5,000 for the first violation and $ 10,000 for violations additional – to avoid metal detectors. . Fines are automatically deducted from legislators’ pay checks.

Clyde had previously said he intentionally bypassed the metal detectors, which were installed after a host of Trump supporters violently occupied the Capitol in early January for several hours, in order to set up a court challenge.

“I did this so that we had the legal capacity to take the case to federal court, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do,” he told Fox News in March. “People have to stand up for the Constitution.”

A number of Republicans have bristled at the heightened security measures put in place by House leaders in response to the insurgency, arguing that they are unnecessary and interfere with their ability to perform their official duties. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) was also fined for bypassing the house’s metal detectors and, like Clyde, had his appeal rejected by the House Ethics Committee.

After the metal detectors were placed outside the chambers of the House, several Republicans were seen trying to bypass them, trigger them without stopping, or chat with security officials in the House. Capitol on this. The United States Capitol Police also opened an investigation in January to find out whether a member of the GOP House attempted to bring a gun to the ground.

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