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Representative Matt Gaetz announces purchase of ads to ‘hit back’ against CNN, allegations

In recent weeks, Gaetz, an incendiary conservative and staunch supporter of Donald Trump, has been embroiled in growing controversy as media detailed a Justice Department investigation into allegations against him of a possible sexual relationship with a minor and paying her to travel through. state lines, which would violate sex trafficking laws One trip that has come under scrutiny is a September weekend in the Bahamas, 2018.

Gaetz, who has not been charged, has denied the allegations. The lawmaker defended himself by posing as a victim of an extortion scheme, although the Justice Department’s investigation is likely unrelated.

However, the announcement offers a glimpse into Gaetz’s strategy for moving forward by adopting the “fake news” label popularized by Trump. The ad includes footage obtained by Project Veritas, a conservative activist organization known to use deceptive practices and spread disinformation in an attempt to expose what it sees as “corruption, dishonesty, self-harm, waste. , fraud and other faults ”of liberal organizations or individuals.

In the footage, a man identified as a CNN employee is heard commenting on the news agency’s coverage of Gaetz. A CNN spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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