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Rep. Chris Smith Says NJ Gov’s Abortion Law Violates Human Rights

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Congressional Pro-Life Caucus Co-Chair Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) condemned New York’s new abortion expansion law as a “human rights violation.” Jersey which allows abortion even up to the moment of birth.

Smith said in a phone interview Friday that Gov. Phil Murphy (D-NJ) is now “the abortion governor.”

“At the height of the pandemic, he ordered all abortion clinics to remain open,” Smith noted of Murphy. “But needed surgeries, including for cancer and other work, have been delayed or pushed back during the worst of the COVID crisis. What a revelation of priorities this was.

Smith expressed his outrage at Murphy’s celebratory signing ceremony Thursday with Planned Parenthood Federation of America CEO Alexis McGill Johnson at his side.

“I mean, it’s an outrageous law,” Smith said of New Jersey’s reproductive freedom law. “It totally dehumanizes unborn children and makes them persona non grata. This will lead to even more abortions in the future.

The congressman continued that “limitless legislation” will lead to many children “dying a painful death”.

As the main sponsor of the House of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, legislation that aims to ban abortions once an unborn child can experience pain, Smith said, “We know the pain and suffering because this abortion by dismemberment… imposes horrible pain on a baby, on this little girl, this little boy.

Murphy, he said, “just gave the full legal green light to dismember the kids and chemically poison the kids.”

“There are a large number of scientists who recognize after prenatal surgeries that even at 15 weeks of age, they make sure to anesthetize the baby to help it,” he said, noting however. that the abortionists “have absolutely no compassion for the baby.”

“And Murphy has now put the full weight of our state government, our state law, on the side of the abortionist, so that’s deeply troubling,” Smith continued. “I mean, it’s a violation of human rights.”

Murphy said as he celebrated the signing of the legislation:

With Roe v. Wade attacked, today’s landmark legislation makes it clear that New Jersey’s position in favor of the right to reproductive choice remains protected. Together, with the expansion of contraceptive coverage, these two pieces of legislation serve to significantly and tangibly increase access to reproductive health care and ensure that New Jersey residents now control and will remain in control of their choices. in matters of procreation.

But Smith asserted that while “birth is an event that happens to all of us, it is not the beginning of life, and for him to deny, and for members of the General Assembly and Senate of the The state of refusing to acknowledge, especially in the age of ultrasound, the humanity of this girl and this baby boy before birth, is appalling.

The pro-life lawmaker observed Murphy’s outspoken support for the abortion industry throughout his election campaigns and first days in office.

“He overturned Chris Christie’s ban on funding Planned Parenthood when he took office four years ago, and now on proposing and signing, because he initiated and pushed very hard through the legislature, legislation on abortion on demand which is what the government has done. Cuomo did it, and so did the feelings of the Governor of Virginia,” he decried.

In 2018, Murphy signed a bill passed by Democrats in the Legislature to allow taxpayer funds to be used for family planning grants at Planned Parenthood.

Each year of former Gov. Chris Christie’s administration (right), New Jersey’s Democratic-led legislature appropriated funding for Planned Parenthood, but Christie vetoed and redirected that funding to d other federally qualified health care centers that do not perform abortions.

Murphy campaigned to restore funding for Planned Parenthood and won the abortion giant’s endorsement.

Johnson of Planned Parenthood applauded Murphy’s signature on the legislation.

“Today is a historic day for reproductive health in the Garden State,” she said, adding:

We are grateful for the constant advocacy of the governor, legislative champions, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund of New Jersey, the Thrive New Jersey Coalition, and more, to ensure the state respects the timing and guarantees access to care. health essentials in the state. At a time when access to reproductive health care is under attack across the country, New Jersey has shown what it means to stand up for its people. Planned Parenthood looks forward to continuing to work to make abortion not only a right, but available to all New Jerseyans, regardless of immigration status, insurance coverage, or income.

In a statement sent to Breitbart News, however, Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins also called New Jersey’s expansion of abortion rights to the time of birth “radical.”

The law, she said, “shows a callous disregard for mothers and their unborn children, exposing them to the deadly harms of abortion as well as lifelong heartbreak.”

Hawkins condemned the new law:

Only in talking points can abortion activists argue that abortion is more than the loss of a unique human being and a grief for women. Apparently, the governor believes that prioritizing ending parenthood is an accomplishment, rather than a human rights tragedy, especially for those who might have helped lead the state for years to come. The people of New Jersey need a change of direction, so that life can be protected by law.

Smith pointed out that as the National March for Life approaches next week, the pro-life movement is about “loving” both babies and their mothers, as well as focusing on the “process of reconciliation”.

“We want to help this woman get back on her feet,” he said.

“We want to stop the act, the deadly act, the irreversible act, before it happens,” he added. “And this governor not only pays through state Medicaid, but also now has authorized, legalized, whatever the Supreme Court does, abortion on demand until birth.”


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