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The news fell suddenly on Monday morning. After more than two years on the bench, Julien Stephan has resigned from his position as Stade Rennais coach. The club formalized it via a press release to thank its technician, who chose to leave without touching any compensation.

“I wasn’t expecting it, I knew we would have a discussion at the end of the season… It’s his personal decision, his feeling. A very heavy decision for himself, indicated President Nicolas Holveck. It was carefully considered, he was convinced that he was no longer the man for the situation for Stade Rennais. He does not want to be a problem for the club in any way. He no longer felt capable of bringing the necessary strength to the group to achieve the goals. We tried to convince him, but it was his deepest conviction. And you know his tenacity, his strength of character, so to change his mind… As I have always said, the project went through Julien. He preferred not to endanger the institution, he thought he could no longer bring the club to the level of requirement which is his… He puts himself an incredible degree of requirement, he thinks it was better without him ”.

“Do not overuse the end of the season”

“It’s surprising, suddenly, we had not felt, imagined this decision, slipped, for his part, Florian Maurice, the technical director. The players were a bit surprised. But these are pros, things that some have already experienced. They have a season to make, a career to make. They will adapt. It is out of the question that we put this end of the season aside. I don’t want to overwhelm it at the end of the season ”.

The two leaders confirmed Philippe Bizeul, former assistant to Stephan, as “the strong man on the ground in the immediate future”. He will be in charge of the group on Wednesday in Lyon (7 p.m.). Already acting twice in Le Havre and Tours, Bizeul “responds at the moment T, as an employee of the club”. “We are going to change small things, see different associations between the players, re-energize this group which is in the trough of the wave, but which has a lot of qualities,” noted the interim.

Genesio tracked?

During this press conference, the search for a new technician was recorded by the management, with a precise profile which could “fit into the project”. After receiving “70 text messages, 70 proposals” this Monday morning, Mauritius announced “does not currently have a miracle solution”. The name of Bruno Genesio, former coach of Lyon, returns with insistence for the moment.

“We have to switch very quickly: our only occupation is to think about the future. We have to bounce back straight away, ”Holveck said. “We must continue to move forward, I obviously remain ambitious, despite the departure of Julien”, simply concluded Maurice.

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