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Rennais Stadium.  Eduardo Camavinga, an unexpected rebound at Real Madrid – Stade Rennais

Eduardo Camavinga will be Merengue ! This is the news that ignited the football world Monday evening. Information that, sincerely, nobody really expected in Rennes, after weeks – even months – of procrastination on the future of the Rennes nugget. At 18 and while entering his last year of contract, the sum paid by Real Madrid is € 31 million excluding bonus according to several Spanish and French sources.

The team goes so far as to report that the transfer bonus included could amount, in the end, to 40 to 45 M €. We have to put the last two most expensive movements of the club face to face: last summer, he paid 26 M € for Jérémy Doku (then 18 years old), an explosive and freshly international offensive element, a rare commodity in itself. This summer, he is therefore separating from Camavinga (19 years old in November) for € 31 million, a creative medium, but only a medium, and he, too. very young international. It’s a very nice operation, when the player could engage freely, where he wanted, next January. His lease with Rennes expired in June 2022.

Find your way back to the summits

It is the potential that is paid for here and not the recent performances of the kid from Fougères. Because, on the last season, apart from his first selections last fall, “Cama” did not shine. His beginning of exercise, with a spleen visible like the nose in the middle of the face, made the heart ache …

The Rennes n ° 10 was elsewhere and desperately outside the Breton project. He will find in Madrid a much higher challenge. He will have to get back to the place in the head and in the crampons. Refreshing and fiery new international in the fall of 2020 – with a goal against Ukraine (7-1) -, Camavinga remains on a last exercise without relief. Naturally creative, he often struggled to weigh on the game as he had done, with so much ease, during his first year in L1. Obviously more targeted by the opponents, “Cama” had difficulty finding the passing angles.

Less negative balance …

Off the field, his year was also marked by a change of sports advisers, in the fall, from the Moussa Sissoko team to that of the English of Stella Group. This did not fail to weigh on performance. Obviously. This transfer should allow him to find his way back to the summits. In the game and through the game first. Beyond the Camavinga case, with this departure, Stade Rennais established the best sale in its history.

Before him, in the summer of 2019, the Senegalese Ismaïla Sarr had been sold for 30 M € at Watford (€ 38 million bonus included), which canceled Shabani Nonda’s transaction in Monaco for € 20 million in 2001. With this fine sale, Rennes is somewhat restoring its summer “trade balance”. Before a probable officialization of the purchase of the Montpellier Gaëtan Laborde (for 15 M €), Rennes spent 69 M € and sold for 46.3 M €, ie a negative delta of 22.70 M €… At the beginning of the week, Rennes had only cashed € 8.2 million.

The Breton transfer window