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Remote voting by deputies proposed to the National Assembly to deal with the pandemic – RT in French

The Vice-President of the National Assembly will present on March 1 a proposal for reform of the hemicycle rules allowing remote voting on the whole of a text, but not amendment by amendment as for the elected representatives present.

The National Assembly must vote on March 1, 2021 from 4 p.m. on a proposal to modify its regulations on the organization of parliamentary work in times of crisis. This reform includes in particular remote voting by electronic means for members of the lower house, on the model of the European Parliament.

“The objective is to ensure that we are able to vote on a text on the state of emergency in any situation”, explained to The Express the rapporteur of the text, Sylvain Waserman, MoDem deputy and vice-president of the Assembly. The elected representative thus wants to counter the logistical difficulties posed by the coronavirus pandemic and the quota of people authorized to be physically present in the hemicycle.

Places of “withdrawal” considered if the Bourbon Palace is not accessible

This text will not radically change the entire voting procedure, since it will only be possible to vote remotely for the whole of a bill at the end of its examination by the National Assembly, and not amendment by amendment. as can the deputies present at the Palais Bourbon.

It is thus a question of obliging the elected representatives of the majority to mobilize as much as possible in the hemicycle, explains to The Express Sylvain Waserman, especially during the night sessions, so as not to suffer the “blow of the curtain”. The expression designates a parliamentary technique which consists for the deputies of the opposition, at the time of a vote, to arrive in number to put in the minority the majority (the entry in the room of the Assembly being done by passing by a curtain that accentuates the effect of surprise, hence the name).

According to the vice-president MoDem of the lower house, if the text he is proposing also made it possible to vote amendment by amendment, “we would have the curtain roll to the power of a thousand”. Opposition deputies would mobilize during night sessions to counter the decisions of a majority not sufficiently connected to these time slots, he fears.

In addition, in addition to the reform on electronic voting proposed on March 1 Sylvain Waserman, elected representatives of the National Assembly would consider a list of “fallback” places to carry out parliamentary work, in the event that the Palais Bourbon is temporarily inaccessible. , due to the pandemic or other special circumstances.

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