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Régis Le Sommier deciphers the situation in Afghanistan one month after the Taliban conquest – RT en français

What is the situation in Afghanistan, a month after the Taliban came to power? This is the question to which the great reporter Régis le Sommier provided some answers on September 15 on RT France.

“We know that the Taliban a priori conquered the Panchir, [soit] the last zone which escaped them, but nothing is certain, the zones of the east of Afghanistan are still almost uncontrollable zones with influences and infiltrations coming from Pakistan in particular ”, notes the great reporter RT France Régis Le Sommier on September 15, one month to the day after the capture of Kabul by the Taliban.

And the journalist – who was in Afghanistan in July – to underline the existence of rivalries within the Islamist organization itself. “It’s good to have fought the Americans, to have won militarily but [est-ce que les Taliban vont être capables] to administer and supply a country? [Vont-ils être capables] to keep it economically and financially? ”also asks the former deputy director of Paris-Match.

In addition, Régis le Sommier analyzes the prospects of the young Afghan military alliance opposed to the Taliban in the Panchir: the National Resistance Front (FNR), also known as the “Resistance of the Panchir”. “The problem for this resistance will be to know if it can apply to the rest of the country, do they have relays? […] It is still too early to say it, but I do not believe that the “Resistance of Panchir” can one day reconquer Afghanistan “, estimates the great reporter.

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