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Regional: Muselier ensures that there will be no LR / LREM agreement in PACA – France

“There is not and there will be no agreement at any level with En Marche.” Pressed by the Republicans’ strategic committee to take a position, Renaud Muselier confirmed his position for the regional elections in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. He will not seek an agreement with the presidential party … but will not deny the support that is included in his project, whether it is the Prime Minister or a party on the other side.

“I want to reiterate clearly, as I said from the beginning, that there is not and there will not be any agreement at any level with En Marche, nor with d ‘other devices, but I am sensitive to all the support that is manifested, “he wrote in a statement. “It is the eminent recognition of the quality of our balance sheet and of our work. It is also a response to the desire for openness that I have repeatedly expressed ”.

“Resist destabilization”

Tuesday morning, during a tense meeting with party officials, it was decided not to exclude Renaud Muselier and to “resist the destabilization” of En Marche, said LR president Christian Jacob.

Jean Castex had announced Sunday at the JDD the withdrawal from the LREM list in PACA, carried by Sophie Cluzel, Secretary of State in charge of disabled people, in favor of the LR list carried by Muselier. And the Prime Minister to speak, him, of an “agreement for regional elections”.

“The Republicans naturally spine”

“I will therefore lead a team whose backbone will naturally be The Republicans. This team will be faithful to the plural regional majority with our natural allies and personalities from civil society, and all those who will want to contribute with us to the success of our regional project, ”says Renaud Muselier.

He continues: “I will study, with the heads of the departmental lists on a case-by-case basis, each application on the basis of what I have called the PCR test: joint commitment to the Project; Proven competence and availability; absolute commitment to Republican values ​​”.

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