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Regional languages: towards a rewriting of the article on immersive teaching?  – Mobilization for the defense of the Breton language

Yannick Kerlogot: We must analyze the concrete effects of the decision of the Constitutional Council which considers the wording of article 4 of the law of May 21, 2021, on the protection and promotion of regional languages, as contrary to article 2 of the Constitution. It is up to us, by mid-July, to make proposals to strengthen in a legal way, but also educational and financial, the practice as it is exercised in networks like Diwan.

Christophe Euzet and you are defenders of the Molac law. So there is a will on the part of the government to preserve immersive education as it is practiced today?

It’s obvious. I remind you that, in recent events, both the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister have spoken very clearly. There is indeed a political will to further develop regional languages. We measure the strong expectation expressed, in particular, during the rally in Guingamp, on May 29. The Bretons recalled that we are in regions with identities that we must do everything to preserve and promote. One of the objectives is therefore to find a quick solution so that the return to school next September can be done in a peaceful way, with an article 4 of the law reinforced by legal consolidation.

Does this legal consolidation involve a rewriting of article 4 of the Molac law, before a new passage before Parliament?

There are different options, including, indeed, an accelerated procedure for the targeted rewriting of Article 4. But we will only be able to enumerate them after our work has been completed.

The revision of article 2 of the Constitution – to which the Constitutional Council referred to censor part of the Molac law – can it be part of your recommendations to the Prime Minister?

We do not forbid ourselves anything. But let’s be serious. Those who demand it loud and clear know full well that it is not twelve months from the end of the mandate that we will ask for a revision of the Constitution. Especially since we have no guarantee of success. It’s already complicated to complete article 1 of the constitution, as the President wishes, with climate issues… So imagine regional languages, a subject that does not concern everyone. Especially since such a reform supposes the meeting of Congress and the approval of two-thirds of parliamentarians.

In the engagement letter, there is no question of another article censored by the Constitutional Council: the one allowing the use of diacritics such as the tilde in civil status documents …

The letter actually only deals with one specific point: immersive education. The urgency, I repeat, it is the appeasement of the actors concerned by regional languages ​​and their teaching. Regarding the diacritics, the fight will continue. But later.

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