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Regional languages: the Kerlogot report submitted to Castex this Wednesday – France

April 8: vote on the law

Supported by MP Paul Molac (Liberties and Territories), a bill intended to protect and promote regional languages is adopted on April 8, 2021 by Parliament, despite the reluctance of the government and LREM deputies. In the final vote in the Assembly, 247 deputies voted for, 76 against and 19 preferred to abstain.

April 22: referral to the Constitutional Council

On April 22, a few hours before the expected promulgation of the law by the President of the Republic, more than 60 members of the majority seized the Constitutional Council. An extremely rare fact, the referrals usually coming from the opposition and not from the majority. Another astonishing element: the fact that no deputy claims the authorship of the referral, while such an approach is normally accompanied by a political demand from its authors.

May 21: partial censorship of the Constitutional Council

The Constitutional Council gives the green light to the new provisions allowing the financial support by the municipalities of the schooling of children following regional language lessons, but censors immersive teaching of these languages ​​and the use of diacritics such as the tilde in civil status documents.

May 25: two deputies assigned

Jean Castex announces May 25 that he assigns two deputies, Yannick Kerlogot (deputy of Côtes-d’Armor) and Christophe Euzet (Hérault) in order to “draw all the consequences” of the decision of the Constitutional Council.

May 29: demonstration in Guingamp

10,000 people gather on May 29 in Guingamp (22) to defend regional languages ​​and their immersive teaching.

July 21: submission of the Kerlogot report

The conclusions of the mission entrusted to the two deputies will be unveiled on Wednesday.

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