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Regional: is a Muselier pairing possible in Brittany?  – Regional Elections

The announcement made this Sunday in the columns of the “Journal du Dimanche” by Jean Castex himself – proof that the piloting was supervised at the highest level of the State – had the effect of a bomb. Faced with the threat of the National Rally, La République en Marche decided to withdraw his list to leave the ground free to outgoing LR president Renaud Muselier, which will integrate walkers. A method which is obviously not to the liking of the Republicans – they immediately withdrew his nomination from Muselier – but which could be emulated elsewhere in France. In any case, this is Macronie’s wish. Including in Brittany? We are at this stage very far.

“Really not”, answers this Breton walker, who does not understand in passing, neither on the substance, nor on the form, the agreement passed in Paca. “We said four years ago that political parties were being blown up. It is not to redo shop agreements… ”And then, beyond this macro analysis, the Breton situation is, on the ground, very different from that of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

Ideological gap

First, if the RN of Gilles Pennelle is now well established in Brittany, with a group representing a significant weight in the regional council, its presence is beyond measure comparable to that of the south of France, historic bastion of the party of Marine Le Pen, and of her father before her.

Another point which makes one say that an agreement à la Muselier seems more than uncertain in Armorique: the ideological gap between marchers and Breton republicans. The former all come, or almost, from the ranks of the PS, while some of the latter are closer to the values ​​of a conservative right. A criticism often made by his opponents to his Breton leader, the deputy Marc Le Fur, but also to the now regional candidate Isabelle Le Callennec, mayor of Vitré (35). An agreement is therefore “out of reach”, comments this cacique of Macronie.

Le Fur and Le Callennec not on the same line

A hypothesis just as rejected by some Republicans. Faithful to the party line, Marc Le Fur is one of them. Last September, the Costarmorican was unambiguously opposed to such a prospect whereas, already, Christian Estrosi in Nice pleaded for a rapprochement with LREM. “We know what we want. We absolutely do not recognize ourselves in this national majority. We have nothing to do with En Marche. And then, in Brittany, they did not meet any of our expectations ”, indicated the Breton. A vision, however, not completely shared in his camp.

Because in Brittany, some LR elected officials find themselves in the liberal and European government line. In addition, Isabelle Le Callennec is now leading the list. Not Marc Le Fur. And when we ask her about the hypothesis of an agreement with LREM, her answer is more subtle. “Our list is the first to appear in full and brings together people of different sensibilities: right, center and regionalists. To consider the second round, you have to wait until the evening of the first. Very smart who can say today what will be the result with a high abstention rate. Personally, I will position myself according to the projects and the countryside atmosphere… ”, thus indicates the elected Vitré to the Telegram. Not a categorical niet therefore.

The centrists for intermediaries?

So in this little lying poker game, the centrists having left Le Fur in the Region and appearing on the LREM-Modem-Agir-UDI-Territoires de Progrès list of Thierry burlot could they not constitute the “go-between”? “We have a rally list, period! The others are identity lists, ”retorts regional councilor Bernard Marboeuf, who formed the regional council a few months ago. his own centrist group, taking with him three other elected officials. With such words, it is therefore difficult to believe in a marriage. Even if in politics, circumstances, such as the results of a first round, sometimes give rise to couples on which no one would have bet a kopeck at the start …

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