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Regional in Brittany: the question of reunification launches the campaign – Reunification of Brittany

Dimly lit room, untimely leak from the ceiling at the end of the meeting, masks on the nose and mouth… In the history of regional elections in Brittany, we have undoubtedly known better conditions for organizing a debate. But that was ultimately not the most important. Because by bringing together five candidates this Friday in Rennes, to hear them on the question of the reunification of Brittany and Loire-Atlantique – all filmed and broadcast live on the social network Facebook – the association A la Bretonne may have simply kicked off a hitherto rather dismal campaign. Sanitary conditions oblige. It is the first time, in fact, that we could find in the same place several heads of the list – or their representative.

We will have to fight

Even if it was more of a juxtaposition of speeches than a real dialogue – positions which are moreover relatively close since all present are in favor of reunification – it was not uninteresting to appreciate the nuances . In a style still so sober, Daniel Cueff (Brittany my life) has emerged as the most conquering spirit when it comes to this very ancient question of reunification. Finally, like the role of herald of anti-pesticides that he was when he was mayor of Langouët (35). “Brittany with five is a fact and to hold a referendum on a fact is a kind of anomaly. We will therefore have to fight and not wait for the goodwill of the State which will not want a referendum, ”believes Cueff, not very excited – like other candidates around him – by the idea of ​​a consultation. Population. Idea notably carried by A la Bretonne. Cueff thus prefers the installation, if he was elected president of a Region at the end of June, of a “regional citizen chamber” bringing together elected officials from Brittany, Loire-Atlantique and citizens drawn by lot. A way of creating an institution within the institution, which would ignore borders and could then put pressure on Paris.

I believe in it, as long as I work on it every day

Isabelle Le Callennec, candidate of the right and the center right (Hissons high Brittany), relies on a law. But her experience as a member of Parliament makes her say that a “bill can be built.” “After a visit to Alsace in order to analyze her model, the mayor of Vitré (35) considers that it is necessary to organize and file a” Brittany law “. ” It’s my aim. I believe in it, as long as I work on it every day. “

Ecologist Claire Desmares Poirrier (Bretagne d’Avenir) is the one who believes most in the effects of a referendum. “I’m not saying it will be easy but we have the tools to do it and the tenacity. “And if she is elected President of the Region, the candidate promises that she will be on the front line to defend the case. Unlike the current president Loïg Chesnais-Girard, who was regularly represented, she attacks. “Reunification, like the climate emergency, we don’t have 10 years to lose! “

Brittany can move forward when it is united

Questioned in turn, the candidate LREM-UDI-Modem-Agir-Territoires de Progrès Thierry Burlot (We Brittany) assumes the balance sheet of the current majority of the Region, to which it belongs for a few more days. And repeats that it is first up to Loire Atlantique to say what it wants. A consultation in this department therefore seems essential to him. Much more than a larger referendum according to him. But if he is elected President of the Region, he intends to keep the pressure on Paris. “We will have to be able to convince our parliamentarians. Brittany can move forward when it is united. In case of victory, he also intends to go to the Elysee with all the heads of the lists for these elections. History to show the determination of elected officials, from all sides, to move forward on this issue.

Molac’s experiment

Last to speak, the deputy and regional adviser Paul Molac – speaking for the outgoing PS president Loïg Chesnais-Girard – is not very far from the position of his (still) colleague Thierry Burlot. According to him, the Loire-Atlantique must decide. But as a connoisseur of the mysteries of power in Paris, and halo of the law bearing his name on regional languages, the Morbihannais knows that it will then be necessary to wet the shirt. With two pitfalls: the administration and the political parties. “We have to take all these elements into account to achieve our ends. And to believe that a bill is essential to force the government to organize a referendum. “From a democratic point of view, it will cause so many problems that he will have to do it. “

The A la Bretonne association brought together several candidates for the regional election in order to get them to debate the question of reunification. (The Telegram / Philippe Créhange)

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