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Regional elections: Richard Ferrand in favor of a postponement – Regional elections

Should we maintain or postpone the departmental and regional elections still scheduled, at the present time, on June 13 and 20? Deputies and Senators will have to answer this question next week while the health situation continues to worsen in France. And Prime Minister Jean Castex has initiated a consultation with political parties and associations of elected officials, each one having to express his wish and explain the reasons. In this context, according to our information, which confirms an indiscreet LCI, the President of the National Assembly Richard Ferrand is preparing to send a letter to the Head of Government where he expresses his wish to see the elections postponed in October.

A request that will not fail to elicit some scathing comments from the opposition, seeing it, according to her, a way for the Republic on the Move to gain time while the presidential party is not necessarily comfortable with it. these local elections.

Bayrou on the same line

But by positioning himself for a postponement to the fall, the President of the National Assembly ultimately remains consistent. Already in April 2020, in the midst of the first wave, the member from Finistère pleaded for a postponement. This time it concerned the second round of municipal elections. With an argument similar to that developed today for the regional: an election is a vote, but it is also and above all a campaign where ideas are debated between the candidates. By maintaining the elections in June, Richard Ferrand therefore believes that not enough time is left for democratic debate.

It remains to be seen whether the Breton’s arguments will be heard. This Thursday, April 8, he could in any case count on François Bayrou. The president of the Modem indeed believes that if the election were maintained in June, the authorities will run out of time even to vaccinate the assessors.

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