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Regional 2021: actress Lucie Lucas on Daniel Cueff’s list – regional elections

Lucie Lucas is a candidate in regional elections in Brittany. As revealed West France, the actress who has played “Clem” for ten years on TF1 will appear on the list “Brittany my life”, led by the independent environmental candidate Daniel Cueff.

Lucie Lucas’s commitment is not a total surprise. As she told the Telegram two years ago, she left Paris to create her oasis in Brittany, setting its sights on a green setting located in a small town in the east of Côtes-d’Armor. “I am interested in collapsology, I am one of those who wish to anticipate the collapse of our industrial civilization”, she explained at the time.

The actress has also taken part in several climate marches in Brittany. “When you have public visibility, you can talk to a lot of people, you have to do your part to defend legitimate causes,” she said.

In addition to ecology, Lucie Lucas speaks regularly on social issues that are close to her heart (place of women, reception of migrants, etc.)

After Anne Quéméré and Olivier Roellinger

Bretagne ma vie got used to playing the people card to get noticed in this electoral campaign, for example by highlighting the commitment of the sailor Anne Quéméré or even the chef Olivier Roellinger. The presence of the star of “Clem” on his list visibly enthuses Daniel Cueff. “The dynamic is building around Brittany my life, there is hope for victory in June,” he tweeted this Wednesday morning.

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