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Reds’ Joey Votto makes fan day with signed baseball after first inning ejection

And now for a healthy baseball story.

Reds fans have a very special bond with their team. A few times this year it has been pretty obvious, with how Cincy fans have sold themselves for home run balls all season.

Joey Votto’s chili was scorching hot on Saturday resulting in a first inning sent off for pleading a control swing appeal. Young Reds fan Abigail was at her debut MLB game in San Diego and was hoping to see Votto play more than just an inning. Unfortunately, she did not have the opportunity.

“@Reds When it’s your first MLB game and your all-time favorite player is kicked out of the game in the first inning …” shared by Twitter user @ SuperBarry11, presumably Abigail’s mother .

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Well the Reds and Votto took note and made sure Abigail’s debut MLB game was memorable, even without Votto on the pitch. Votto delivered a nice signed baseball to Abigail, while the Reds plan to send her a few more game gifts.

The ball reads – in typical straightforward Votto fashion, mind you – “I’m sorry I didn’t play the whole game.”

Votto has made a career out of being friendly – and having fun – with fans, so this is just another chapter in a long book on his conscience.

The Reds would drop the game 7-5 against the Padres, but at least the young Abigail had a huge personal victory. All’s well That ends well.

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