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Redon rave party: Amnesty International denounces a “disproportionate” use of force – Violent clashes during a rave party in Redon

Almost three months after the Redon rave party, during which violent clashes had pitted teufeurs and gendarmes, Amnesty International publishes, this Tuesday, an investigation whose conclusions highlight a disproportionate use of force to evacuate the site.

According to Amnesty International, the law enforcement intervention, during which a man had his hand torn off, was carried out with a “use of force neither necessary nor proportionate”, denouncing “violations of human rights”.

“Without mediation or prior communication”

Still according to Amnesty International, force “was used as a first resort, without mediation or prior communication, without instruction on how to evacuate the site, in a field, at night. Grenades were thrown at people gathered at a festive gathering, in extremely dangerous and blind conditions, when these weapons can maim. Nor a ban on the festival, nor the violence of some participants vis-à-vis the police cannot justify the non-respect of human rights by the State and its agents in all circumstances ”.

“It is unacceptable that operations to maintain order, a fortiori to disperse a simple festive gathering, lead to injuries going as far as mutilation”, argues Cécile Coudriou, president of Amnesty International France, who calls for “the creation of an independent body responsible for investigating complaints against law enforcement officials” and the prohibition of “explosive grenades in the maintenance of order”.