Rediscover Pokémon GO: New Visuals, New AR, New Graphics and More!

Trainers, a huge new update is coming to Pokémon GO, with new graphics, new gameplay visuals, avatar updates, and an all-new AR Buddy experience to enjoy. This is a huge range of quality of life updates and completely new experiences, we’re excited!

New visuals
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Experience a whole new look with updates to the game map, encounter screens, battles.
screens, and more, all tailored to your location and biome. From lush green forests to bustling cities, tropical beaches to rugged mountain peaks, you can immerse yourself in the diverse landscapes of Pokémon GO. Some trainers have recently been able to access these new visuals, and now they are arriving worldwide!

New avatar updates
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Your avatar options and the Style Store have also received updates, allowing you to express yourself with more customization options than ever before. Some coaches have experienced this through beta testing, so prepare to see a more realistic representation of yourself if that’s what you desire, or whatever version of yourself you want to present to the world !

New GO Snapshot experience
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And finally, take your Pokémon photos to new heights with our updated GO Snapshot experience, which now lets you include up to three Pokémon in a single photo! Don’t miss these exciting updates: dive into the adventure today!

AR community, get excited! This seems related to the recently datamined “Iris” AR mode, which appears to have a lot of potential.

Dates to plan
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Some dates have been announced in Pokémon GO:

  • April 17: Rediscover yourself
  • April 22: Rediscover your world
  • April 22: Rediscover Kanto
  • May 7: Rediscover your reality

What could it be? We think “Rediscover Yourself” could be the global rollout of the new avatar and style store update. “Rediscover your world” appears to be a reference to the game’s new map, as does the global launch of the incredible new capture backgrounds and much more. “Rediscover Kanto” looks like an event dedicated to exploring the new world of Pokémon GO, with a focus on the Kanto region. Could this be an event to encourage exploration of new areas so you can fully experience the new locations and maps? And finally, “Rediscover your reality” would take on its full meaning with the launch of the new AR Buddy experience, with the possibility of photographing several Pokémon at once, and much more!

The rest of April and early May are shaping up to be an exciting time for a major overhaul of Pokémon GO, with a new look for the game, new ways to play, and a new world to look forward to. I meet you there ?

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