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Rebel Wilson’s latest swimsuit photo inspires fans after recent 60-pound weight loss

Rebel Wilson shared a photo of herself sunbathing in Florida over Memorial Day weekend, and fans couldn’t help but notice how fit the actor was after his losing streak. weight of one year.

Wilson wore a black one-piece swimsuit, a blue fedora hat, and white sunglasses as she struck a powerful pose on the beach.

“Palm Beach-ing. I think I want to move to Florida now,” she wrote on Instagram.

Wilson embarked on what she called a “healthy year” for her 40th birthday in 2020 and kept her fans updated on her progress, including her strategies for staying healthy.

“Wow, so so so so so so so amazing. You deserve to be incredibly proud of your dedication,” one fan commented on Wilson’s Memorial Day photo.

“Wow! You are amazing, so inspiring,” wrote another.

“You are an inspiration. You look amazing,” someone else added.

“Move over to Pam Anderson, we’ve got a new Baywatch baby! Yaassss gurl!” a fourth person joked.

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Last November, Wilson shared her excitement when she hit her goal weight with one month left in the year.

“Even though it’s not about a weight count, it’s about being healthy, I needed a tangible measure to have as a goal and it was 75 kg,” said she wrote.

In December, the Australian actor shared on Instagram Live some of the habits that have helped her successfully maintain her weight.

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“I was determined in 2020, the year of health, to completely change my whole lifestyle,” she explained. “So that meant not only, like, physically but also mentally.”

Wilson practiced mindful eating, focusing on foods that are nutritious and high in protein. She said it was also important for her to keep her sanity under control, as she used to turn to food to manage her emotions.

“It’s just about how you manage it and what you can do to … try to replace your unhealthy habits with healthy ones,” she said.

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Wilson also worked with a trainer and made sure to keep his body moving, even if that meant just walking around to take a few steps.

“Weirdly, I never thought I would like to hike, walk uphill,” she said. “Like, who would have thought this would be a fun activity? But it’s good. Being in nature, getting that air in your lungs. I really really like it and I do it all the time now.”

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