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RCS Coming to iPhone This Fall, Leaked Google Promo Image Claims

Image from article titled RCS Coming to iPhone This Fall, Google Promo Image Allegations Leaked

Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is already a big problem on Android phones with over a billion users. These numbers could increase by the fall, as Google says Apple will join the RCS party.

A page for Google Messages lists the benefits of RCS, and there also happened to be a slide indicating that the feature would be available on the iPhone, as first spotted by 9to5Google THURSDAY.

“Apple has announced that it will adopt RCS in fall 2024,” the now-deleted slide reads.

Google and Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment on this deleted slide.

Apple has already started working on implementing RCS compatibility with its next iPhone last year, but this is the first mention of when this momentous event would occur. The timing seems appropriate given that Apple regularly releases its new iPhone in autumn. This could be one of many new feature announcements for iOS 18 coming this June at Apple’s WWDC.

As for what this means for Android and iPhone users, this could be the end of the green and blue bubble drama. This doesn’t mean that the different colored bubbles will disappear or that Android phones will now have access to iMessage. Android users will still have the green bubble when texting someone with an iPhone. However, things like emoji reactions, message receipts, and high-resolution images and videos could be available between the two devices.

The texts were one of the points the Justice Department focused on when it decided to take legal action against Apple for create a monopoly on the iPhone. In the lawsuit, there was an interaction between CEO Tim Cook and a person who told him how difficult it was for him to send her photos while she was on an Android phone. Cook then told the person, “Buy your mom an iPhone.” »

News Source : gizmodo.com
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