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RC Vannes.  In master of the house against Mont-de-Marsan – RC Vannes

Pro D2 (22nd day): Vannes – Mont-de-Marsan: 33-20

If Vannes logically wins the four points of victory, with the offensive bonus as a bonus, we can say that Stade Montois gave him a hard time, especially in the first half. Largely in the lead in the 22nd thanks to two power tests from Symons (9 ‘) then Bruni (12th) and a third signed Leafa (22’), RC Vannes had a hole in terms of points until the 53 ‘and Troin’s first try in Pro D2. “We did not build things up enough in the first half but we were quite realistic,” conceded Jean-Noël Spitzer.

Faced with a very playful and combative Landes team despite the large turnover with no less than eleven players from the training center, the Vannetais conceded ten points in less than ten minutes with this try from Rey, on a blocked ball (24 ‘ ), while Laousse Azpiazu was in charge of converting two of the three penalties granted to his formation (3 ‘, 29’). The Bretons logically joined the locker room with the advantage in the score at the break (21-13) but knew the importance of not lowering our guard against the youth of Mons who sought to develop the game and succeeded in some beautiful movements that did not ‘have not often touched the goal, lack of technical accuracy in the last gesture.

Valves flies away

Generous in their effort and armed with good intentions, the Montois had to make up their minds against the Vannes people who were more in control and who won the physical battle in the second half. “We respected the game better in the second half, with good kicking play and good intensity. We broke our opponent, ”appreciated the manager of the RCV. Troin had set the tone by scoring the 4th test in Vannes in the 53 ‘, after a superb reversal by Popelin (26-13) and the Argentinian Bruni, still impressive in the impacts, went there for his double in the 65 ‘(33-13).

Mass was said and the offensive bonus also fell into the hands of the Blues. It was obviously the goal of the Morbihannais who conceded a try in the last seconds, still on a blocked ball. With this 17th victory, Vannes therefore retains first place and will challenge Montauban in the next match.


Half-time: 21-13

Referee Mr. Sébastien Minery (New Aquitaine)

Spectators: in camera.

DOTS. RC VANNES: 5 tries by Symons (9 ‘), Bruni (12’, 65 ‘), Popelin (22’), Troin (53 ‘); 3 transformations (10 ‘, 13’, 23 ‘, 66’) Popelin; STADE MONTOIS: 2 tries by Rey (24 ‘), Robic (80’ + 1); 2 transformations (25 ‘) Azpiazu, Saubusse (80’ + 2); 2 penalties (3 ‘, 29’) from Azpiazu.


RC Valves: 15. Troin; 14. Gratien, 13. Rabut, 12. Symons (Holder 66 ‘), 11. Duplenne; 10. Popelin (Hilsenbeck 66 ‘), 9. Cazenave (Pagès 50’); 6. Abiven (cap) (Iachizzi 54 ‘), 8. Bruni (Johnson 66’), 7. Bazin; 5. Picquette, 4. Marks; 3. Kité (Sénéca 50 ‘), 2. Léafa (Béziat 50’), 1. Phélipponneau (Tafili 50 ‘).

Mont de Marsan: 15. Duprat (Letremau 60 ‘); 14. Jacquelain, 13. Couchinave (Roche 76 ‘), 12. Roche (Torfs 51’), 11. De Nardi; 10. Azpiazu (Coly 46 ‘), 9. Saubusse (cap); 6. Banos (Robic 60 ‘), 8. Muarua (, 7. Garrault; 5. Rey (Bruinsma 62’), 4. Durand; 3. Macharashvili (Lalanne 51 ‘), 2. Gonzales (Latterrade 8’, 21 ‘ , 54 ‘), 1. Muzzio (Bultel 54’, 62 ‘).

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