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Rave party at Haut-Corlay: “Organizing such a gathering is revolting” – Le Haut-Corlay

For Jean-Pierre Le Bihan, mayor of Haut-Corlay, this weekend of May 1 was eventful. The chosen one tells how he experienced this event. “I was not aware of what was going on, but the comings and goings of a gendarmerie helicopter put me on the alert. Barely five minutes later, farmers informed me of the unusual passage of very many vehicles in front of their homes, on the generally uncrowded municipal roads. So around 9:30 p.m. on Friday, I attended the installation of the rave. I contacted the gendarmerie who told me that around 150 soldiers were about to intervene ”.

“We could expect 10,000 people”

The place of this rave-party, located on the edge of Vieux-Bourg, was taken over by 500 people, sowing panic in the fields of cattle, some of which were scared and wandered off. The gendarmes surrounded the perimeter and blocked all access routes, so as to prevent the arrival of new offenders.

“At 1 am, the sound barrier was seized by the gendarmes,” said the mayor. The tone quickly rose and some gendarmes were victims of injuries. They showed exemplary courage, going into the fields, in the middle of the night, and I can only congratulate them for their intervention, and the decisions taken by the prefect and the gendarmerie colonel Gonzague Montmorency, without which we could expect a regrouping of more than 10,000 people! “

Saturday morning, Jean-Pierre Le Bihan had an appointment with Colonel Montmorency to take stock and meet the residents. “It was important to reassure the inhabitants and to learn about the damage to which they could have been victims”.

“The land is generally clean”

This Sunday, May 2 in the morning, the owners of the plots were on the site. “We had to bring in the cattle urgently on Friday. There was no major damage, announces one of the farmers, living in Le Vieux-Bourg. The chirpers left us a few piles of garbage, but the grounds are generally clean, although a few syringes and other broken glass still litter the side of the path. Fortunately, our fields are insured ”.

Jean-Pierre Le Bihan, mayor of Haut-Corlay, came to take stock of the situation on Sunday morning. On the site of the rave party, there were only garbage cans and a car wreck, itself full of garbage.

The mayor of Haut-Corlay is relieved to see that everything is back to normal, but he is indignant at the attitude of the organizers: “The organization of a rave party in the midst of a pandemic calls out to me. ! Locally, all associations play the game while respecting strict health rules. The deliberate choice to organize such a gathering is appalling ”.

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