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Rave de Redon: the young Rennais injured in the hand filed a complaint [Vidéo] – Violent clashes during a rave party in Redon

The 22-year-old Rennais, whose hand was torn off during the clashes between revelers and the police, which occurred during the illegal rave party in Redon, on June 19, filed a complaint, according to the Rennes public prosecutor, who confirms a Raw online media information.

According to Brut, the young man would have filed a complaint for willful violence and non-assistance to anyone in danger.

According to the prosecution, the investigations to determine the origin of his injury are still ongoing. For justice, it is a question of knowing with certainty the origin of the explosion which led to its mutilation. Is it related to the use of a grenade fired by the gendarmes or by something else?

An investigation was opened by the Public Prosecutor’s Office the day after the events for unintentional injuries with Total Incapacity for Work (ITT) of more than three months.

“It should make it possible to determine the exact circumstances and the origin of these injuries, and on this basis, any criminal liability,” explained Philippe Astruc. As such, the greatest caution should be observed before the end of the investigations ”.

Most of the sources interviewed or having testified in various media report a concomitance between the occurrence of the injury and the characteristic noise of grenade fire.

Otherwise, a Telegram investigation had made it possible to establish that the emergency services took nearly 19 hours after the start of the first clashes to be able to access the rave site and some wounded, thus confirming information from Médiapart.

The online journal had indicated that the prefecture “had prevented” the emergency services from accessing the site of the rave. A very serious accusation denied by the prefecture of Ille-et-Vilaine and by the entourage of the Minister of the Interior.

The Rennes public prosecutor announced on July 9, 2021, that investigations were underway regarding the emergency response that evening. Philippe Astruc specified that he had seized the recordings of the calls to the firefighters and had had the hearing of several firefighters present on the scene.

Seriously injured in the hand at around 2:40 a.m., the young Rennais had been taken to hospital by a friend, his forearm mutilated surrounded by a simple cloth, around 3:30 a.m. to be slipped between the cords of the police.

“To get out, we had to make do by cutting through the fields avoiding the gendarmes, confirms Amandine

, a party girl present at the time of the facts. We suspected that there was help somewhere, but we could not approach the gendarmes to ask them to pass and where they were ”.

Amandine had tried to accompany the young Rennais to the cordon of the police. In vain. At his side, the independent journalist Clément Lanot claims to have been targeted by a shot from LBD when he was also trying to warn the emergency services of the presence of a seriously injured person. A month later, the management of this event – also marked by the destruction of party-goers’ equipment by the gendarmes – by the state continues to question. Last weekend,an illegal rave brought together over 1,500 revelers in Brasparts

, in Finistère, without any overflow.

The first name has been changed.

Violent clashes during a rave party in Redon

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