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Rare original Superman comic sells for a record $ 3.25 million

The issue of “Action Comics # 1”, which sold for 10 cents on its initial release in 1938, was auctioned Tuesday for $ 3.25 million according to a press release from the auction house. online auction.

This particular copy was “buried in a pile of old 1930s movie magazines” and was in perfect condition. It has been sold at least three times before, including the most recently in 2018 for over $ 2 million, the broker said.

Other issues of “Action Comics # 1” have also sold at historic prices. In 2014, one issue sold for $ 3.2 million on eBay.

As for the copy sold this week, the seller made a profit of $ 1 million after owning it for just three years. The name of the new buyer was not disclosed, but the statement said the new owner is “relatively new to investing in comics.”

“This is an 83-year-old comic in near-perfect condition – and it’s a sight to see,” Vincent Zurzolo, co-owner of ComicConnect, said in the statement. “Not to mention that this book launched the genre of superheroes that is so part of our culture.”

Collectibles, such as comics and trading cards, are gaining more and more value for investors.

“With all collectibles on the rise, plus cryptocurrencies and NFTs hitting new millionaires almost daily, we expect to see comic book prices rise as they look for new places to park their money,” Zurzolo said.


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