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Rand Paul Says Majority Rule “Goes Against” American Democracy

As Democrats warn of an ongoing attack on democracy and some Republicans continue to downplay the effects of the January 6 Capitol riots and stolen election rhetoric from former President Donald Trump, Senator Rand Paul ( R-Ky.) Apparently dismissed everything – even the racist Jim Crow laws of the 20th century – as a simple side effect of the democratic system.

Paul “[embraces] the idea “that the repression of minority parties is” the essence “of American representative democracy,” distinguishing it from direct democracy, where the majority reigns and is free to trample on the rights of the minority unhindered, “according to one The New York Times article published Monday.

The “idea” of democracy and majority rule is what “goes against” American history and values, Paul said. “Jim Crow laws originate from democracy. This is what you get when a majority ignores the rights of others,” he added, apparently redefining the pillars of democracy himself and comparing the Republican retreat on a Democratic program in the struggle of black Americans for the right rights.

Democrats and their allies would dismiss such arguments, saying the country’s authoritarian concerns go directly back to Republicans and Trump. Senator Angus King (I-Maine) likens GOP comments to “begging for mercy as an orphan after killing both of your parents.”

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