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Rally in Quimperlé: a flood of reactions between indignation and support – Anti-vaccine and anti-mask demonstration in Quimperlé

The gathering this Sunday in Quimperlé has aroused many reactions (Telegram website and Facebook, Twitter). The presence of more than 600 people, without masks or respect for barrier gestures, aroused indignation, incomprehension but also massive support. It will be recalled that this gathering, in the presence of Martine Wonner and Carlo Alberto Brusa, was organized by A l’ère libre. An association of Clohars-Carnoët, declared at the Finistère prefecture on January 23, 2021, with the aim of “defending children’s rights” and, more broadly, fundamental rights.

Carlo Brusa, lawyer and President of Réaction19, and Martine Wonner, Member of Parliament for Bas-Rhin and co-founder of the Laissons les médecins prescrire collective, were present this Sunday in Quimperlé. (François Destoc / The Telegram)

Right to protest

“An association of parents worried about their children? Supported by reinfocovid, reaction 19! Anti-masks, anti-vaccines. It was predictable this drift. It should have been prevented. Many people thought they were participating in a rally for our “freedoms” without looking at who the stakeholders or the associated groups were, ”writes Delphine. Like Vincenzo, Guy and Mamounna, many ask “why are demonstrations allowed when it’s supposed to be confinement?” “. Verlen Arg even considers that “authorizing a demonstration in the current context is stupid and irresponsible”.

Florence recalls that “demonstrating is a right (and that) demonstrations are authorized”.

It is true: confinement does not prevent the exercise of the right of expression. That of Sunday was declared in the prefecture of Quimper and “authorized under article 3 of the decree n ° 2020-1310 of October 29, 2020 “, Recalls in a press release Philippe Mahé, prefect of Finistère.

The fear of a cluster in Quimperlé

But the gathering had to be held in compliance with current health regulations: wearing a mask and physical distancing. It was not the case. Viviane, a Quimperloise, says she is disgusted “to see the unconscious behaving like this, and endangering the people of my town who have been doing our best to protect themselves and others for over a year!” “. She is not the only one to be moved. “I suppose that the caregivers in the hospitals will thank them for this demonstration of respect for their work,” writes André. “These completely stupid people don’t think of those who have lost a loved one and of the hospital staff,” assures Patrick. “If ever there is to be a sorting in hospitals, will these people assume their choices (and their pseudo-freedom) to the end? Asks Ed Pen. Popaul (and others) are now worried about “a large cluster in Quimperlé because the virus is also free to circulate”. No risk, says Yoann B, since, according to him, “the virus is not transmitted outside”.

“It’s called democracy”

“Healthy reaction,” say several readers. The gathering this Sunday is greeted by many. “Finally, people dare to tell the truth,” exclaims Xavier. Nicolas saw it as a “beautiful day of freedom” and considers that “it is called democracy”, a word which, according to him, has been “overused for over a year”. But for Michel, “before saving freedoms, we must think about respecting them”.

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