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rally against the health pass at the entrance to libraries – RT in French


A rally of several dozen librarians was organized in Romainville to oppose the control of health passes at the entrance to libraries. Protesters warn of a “cultural deadlock”.

Dozens of officers from municipal libraries located north-east of Paris gathered on October 13 in Romainville (Seine-Saint-Denis), in front of the headquarters of the intercommunality to demand the end of health passes to the entrance to libraries.

“As librarians, we must guarantee access to knowledge and culture to all,” said Nazim Bakouri.

I chose this job because it had a social role to welcome everyone, to offer culture to everyone, and there we can’t do it anymore.

The control of the passes by the agents puts them “at odds” with regard to this requirement, judges this representative of SNUTER-FSU, who called for mobilization alongside the CGT d’Est Ensemble, bringing together nine municipalities located to the north-east and east of Paris, and the territorial sections of the CGT in Bobigny and Bagnolet.

Librarians denounce the “cultural impasse”

A few meters from signs denouncing a “cultural impasse” or chanting the slogan “discriminating is not my job”, some demonstrators also stressed the exemptions from control enjoyed by university libraries or the Public Information Library.

It is precisely on the basis of the exemption granted to students that the agents of the Est Ensemble libraries and the intercommunality decided at the end of September not to control minors, since they too are likely to come to the library for a research work in the school context.

From now on, the mobilized agents hope to obtain a general exemption. Initially favorable to the health pass, Yannis, librarian in Montreuil, judges that “it worked well this summer, but it is important that it does not last forever”. “Today, we have a fairly high vaccination rate and the role of libraries is to welcome everyone,” he continues. The rally was held while at the national level, the unions SUD Collectivités Territoriales and SUD Culture Solidaires called a strike for the same day.


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