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rally against compulsory vaccination escalates in Melbourne – RT en français

Subject to compulsory vaccination, construction workers expressed their anger on September 20 as they gathered outside their union headquarters in Melbourne in an electric atmosphere. Clashes with the police subsequently erupted.

In Melbourne, several hundred construction workers gathered on September 20 in front of the union headquarters of the Construction, Forestry, Marine, Mines and Energy Union (CFMEU) to express their firm opposition to compulsory vaccination against covid-19 to which their employment is now subject. As Skynews reports, protesters demanded support from their union.

Overwhelmed by the demonstrators, CFMEU secretary John Setka unsuccessfully tried to calm the angry crowd.

Several incident videos were subsequently posted on social networks. It can be seen throwing projectiles or shoving as a person holding a megaphone used it to hit demonstrators.

The rally eventually escalated into clashes with riot police. The front door of the union office was damaged, projectiles were launched and flares were lit around 5 p.m. Workers inside the building attempted to force the crowds out with jets of water.

The police then managed to push back the demonstrators, allowing those who were trapped inside to leave.

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