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Racing imposes itself at the end of boredom

“We were more dangerous than OM”, believes Fulgini

Angelo Fulgini speaking to Prime Video: “It was a complicated match, overall we still controlled it, we were more dangerous than OM. The set pieces brought us 3 points tonight so we are happy. These are essential things. We were dangerous in situations. It makes us feel good to win and move to the other side of the rankings.”

“Very annoying”, Gigot regrets this defeat at the end of the suspense

Samuel Gigot at Prime Video’s microphone: “It’s very annoying to concede a goal like that. At this level, we have to be harder, have more desire. These are small details, we know that it’s a dangerous team on a corner. We were in a good place tactically, we bothered Lens at home. There weren’t many chances. Lens was more effective, we are very disappointed. Perhaps we needed more believe it in the last 30 meters, I’m talking about the team. We have to be more killer in both surfaces.

It’s over ! Lens wins 1-0 against OM!

The match was boring for 90 minutes, but Bollaert finished in meltdown after a header from Gradit from a corner at the very end of the match.

The Sang et Or are now European, with 16 points and a 6th place. OM are still stagnating in the big soft underbelly of Ligue 1, 10th with 13 points.


Perfect cross from Harit from the left, the Gabonese emerges well by throwing himself, but cannot straighten the ball enough.

Samba catches the ball and goes to the ground

The Lens goalkeeper takes his time to get up after a header from Gigot, who remained in front after a free kick.


The Lensois defender appears at the near post and slips the ball between Pau Lopez and Veretout (at the post). 1-0 for Lens!

The public is just waiting to get excited

Pereira Da Costa eliminates on the side, Aguilar crosses, and Bollaert pushes all the way on the corner.


Saïd recovers the ball from a corner and manages to arm a shot after a hook. It’s slightly deflected, but a Marseillais manages to clear his shin on the line. The referee looks at his watch, but it hasn’t vibrated!

More change on both sides

Murillo replaces Sarr on the OM side, Pereira Da Costa replaces El Aynaoui on the Lens side.

Saïd fakes the shot and slides the ball towards Guilavogui

But the feint was so good that his teammate didn’t understand.

It tastes good like 0-0 all the same…

But there are about ten minutes left to refute this observation. A deflected shot, a missed cross, a csc: we take everything.

Pau Lopez has sure hands too

It was necessary, because Saïd was hanging around after a long-range strike.

Samba manages to catch the ball on a very close cross

Great anticipation to emerge and not make a mistake.

Abdul Samed is warned

The Lens midfielder accumulated a few too many mistakes.

La Lensoise is once again sung by Bollaert

And it almost was a big chance, but Balerdi tackled perfectly after reading a cross from Aguilar.

El Aynaoui rises to head a ball

Superb relaxation from the Lensois midfielder, who however cannot deflect the ball enough to put it on target. And Fulgini was perhaps better placed behind him.

And another double change for Lens

Haïdara and Wahi are replaced by Machado and Saïd.

Aubameyang makes his entrance

He replaces Vitinha, who was little used but who managed a surprising dribble.


The Moroccan was there at the start, distributing the play well, before being on the receiving end of a low cross. But Harit’s shot flies over the goal…

Beautiful Lensoise collective action

The ball travels quickly, even if it is also because no one dares to take a chance in the area or nearby. Result: no second hand.

Double change on the Lensois side

There was a small misunderstanding, with the wrong numbers displayed on the light panel before Haise’s intervention.

Thomasson and Sotoca are replaced by Fulgini and Guilavogui.

Iliman Ndiaye makes his entrance

He replaces Joaquin Correa.

Hot situation for Lens

We won’t say “opportunity”, but the Sang et Or recover a full ball on good pressing. Without succeeding in following up with a dangerous shot.

OM is a little more present offensively

Correa waits at the corner of the area and shifts Lodi, whose cross is deflected for a corner. It doesn’t do anything.

Harit attempts a long shot

The Moroccan’s foot touches the ground a little before and the ball goes very far from the goal, but we won’t complain about any initiative of this type this evening…

Here we go again !

No change at the break.

It’s time for the Corons

Bollaert repeats Pierre Bachelet’s hit when the players return to the pitch. Hoping this helps them…

0-0 at the break at Bollaert!

Tense match, with 21 fouls and few real chances. A strike from Wahi, who had managed to create space at the edge of the area, caused a little thrill, and that’s about it…

Samba wins well on a corner

And keeps the ball despite the little “squabble” with Vitinha. The last of the 21 fouls in the first period!

Gradit is the first informed Lensois

His legs hook those of Correa. This could impact the way he defends in the future.

0.24 xG to 0.10 for now

The expected goals confirm that this is not (yet?) the match of the century.

No Marseillais follows from a free kick

Clauss had found Balerdi, who had tried to put it back.

We have few opportunities to get excited at the moment

The match is not unpleasant, however, but it lacks a little technical accuracy.


This is the first real opportunity of the game! Wahi eliminates Balerdi with a superb little touch of the ball, then follows up with a shot from the edge of the area which finally passes a meter from the goal.

Sarr counters a strike from Harit!

What bad luck for the Senegalese, who takes a volley from his teammate in the head. Who, by reflex, asked for a penalty for a handball before changing his mind…

Lens camps near the Marseille surface

The Blood and Gold, however, cannot really find a fault. Aguilar tries a shot from the corner of the area which flies away.

Danso receiving a free kick

The Austrian arrived well launched, but the ball went over Pau Lopez’s cage.

OM have only taken 2 points away from home in 5 matches

Draws in Nantes and Metz, defeats in Paris, Monaco and Nice (the first three).

Sarr tries a good cross

Danso is first on the ball, and manages to clear it correctly by diving backwards.

Danso knows how to fall to get the whistle

The Lensois central defender had the ball stolen, but came out with experience.

Gattuso is already shouting instructions

OM are not in danger, but are having difficulty creating something in the opposing camp.

Big sliding tackle from Gigot

The Marseille captain loves it, and is already in his game.

It starts strong

We see some great things from the outset, with intense Lensois pressing trying to hinder the restarts of OM who are not afraid to suck in their opponent.

Let’s go !

Kick-off of this shock given by OM!

The players enter the pitch

To the sound of La Lensoise, played without sound system by the stadium.

The Lensoise composition is announced by the speaker and taken up by the audience

Bollaert is already hot, as you would expect for such a poster.

The OM line-up with Vitinha holder

Lopez – Clauss, Gigot, Balerdi, Lodi – Kondogbia, Veretout – Sarr, Harit, Correa – Vitinha

The eleven of Lens

Nampalys Mendy is out, El Aynaoui will have his first start in Ligue 1. Haïdara in left piston at the age of Machado, Thomasson replaces Fulgini.

The OM group fell

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, forfeited this week against AEK in the Europa League, is making his return, as suggested on Saturday by Gennaro Gattuso at a press conference.

Hello everyone and welcome to Lens-OM live

Closing match of the 12th day of Ligue 1 this Sunday: Lens welcomes Marseille to the Bollaert stadium. Kick-off at 8:45 p.m. for this poster which pits the two contenders for second place in the ranking last year.

But this season is more difficult for both clubs. Marseille, entered in the Europa League due to not having passed the preliminary round of the Champions League, is currently ninth. Lens is tenth after a catastrophic start to the championship. The two clubs hope to get closer to European places.

Lens-OM, 8:45 p.m., match broadcast on TV on Prime Video, to follow live in full radio on RMC and in our live text on RMC Sport.

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