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Rachel Daly Supports Women’s Olympic Football Team GB For Tokyo Games Medal |  Football News

England striker Rachel Daly is confident the GB footballers will win a medal at this summer’s Olympics despite tough competition.

The winger is fighting for a place in Hege Riise’s 18-person squad to travel to Tokyo and is currently with England in friendlies against France and Canada.

“100 percent. There is no doubt in my mind that we will definitely get a medal,” Daly said. The women’s football show.

“That’s the goal. I wanted to play in a World Cup, I wanted to play in the Olympics all my life. It’s something I’ve been pushing since I was kicking a ball at two years old. . I’m going to give it my all, I hope to finish in the team to continue and win it all. “

It’s been a strange year for Daly. She was in Texas when the coronavirus pandemic hit last March, with doubts about the possibility of a national season with her club Houston Dash.

The women’s football show

Friday April 9 6:00 p.m.

The NWSL managed to pull off the impressive feat of being the first professional league in the United States to return when they hosted the Challenge Cup in June, a tournament Houston won.

Daly moved to West Ham on loan in September, turning down offers from WSL top clubs in an attempt to get as much playing time as possible.

“In my mind, during the Challenge Cup with Houston, I was like, ‘What’s next? “I couldn’t go from August until now without playing a game,” she said. “I wouldn’t play for England, I wouldn’t reach the peak of my career, I couldn’t participate in major tournaments.

“I’ve had conversations with several clubs in the WSL but for me you could say going to Arsenal, Chelsea, City, Man United would be a great experience, but they’ve been building for years and have their teams.

“Having someone come for six months could be a nuisance for the team, so I want to go to a club that needed me. When it seemed right to me, West Ham needed a striker and he didn’t there was no better time for me to come. in. “

Rachel Daly Supports Women’s Olympic Football Team GB For Tokyo Games Medal |  Football News

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Daly left West Ham during the winter break, but during his time with the club head coach Matt Beard was replaced by Oli Harder and results fluctuated. West Ham is now embroiled in one of the tightest relegation battles in league history.

“It was an interesting time,” Daly added. “Matt Beard is gone, [and] Just as I was leaving, the new manager entered. His vision looks really good and his plans for the future are excellent. I’m sure everyone at the club is disappointed where they are and where they could end up, but he has support, support, the facilities are fantastic and I hope they can come out of it. “

Daly’s time at West Ham was her first stint in British football in eight years and she admits that she was also exceptionally impressed with what she came home to, although it came at a personal cost.

“The WSL has improved endlessly,” she said. “I haven’t been in it for a long time, but you can’t experience what it is until you play it and the first game I played we lost 9-1 to Arsenal. I haven’t lost 9-1 since I was about nine, so it was a shock.

“There are some amazing players out there, it’s arguably one of the biggest leagues in the world. The WSL has improved in ridiculous ways and it’s a league that I would definitely consider being a part of. to come up.”

Rachel Daly Supports Women’s Olympic Football Team GB For Tokyo Games Medal |  Football News


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The 2020 climax for Daly led Houston Dash to success in the Challenge Cup, as she won the tournament’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) award, while enduring the bubble life for four weeks in the Utah.

“Being in a bubble surrounded by the same people for four weeks was a nightmare,” Daly recalls.

“It’s not like the World Cup where you can go out for a walk; we were stuck in a hotel unable to eat out. We were literally confined to the four walls of your room, it was hard, that’s undeniable.

“For me, we were suffering in that, but the rest of the world was suffering on a larger scale. We were the first league to start playing a sport, so we asked, ‘What can we do on a daily basis to bring the happiness to others ‘lives?’

“We used that, we wanted to put on a show, we had nothing to lose and ended up having a great time. It was an experience I never want to have again but we won and it set us apart. others.”

Houston went from eternal underachievers to a club with new hope, which inspired Daly to sign a new three-year contract after initially doubting his future.

“We have always failed,” she said. “Until last year I was almost ready to go, I thought my time was up, maybe it stagnated a bit.

“I love the club, I love the fans but we didn’t win anything and it was frustrating, I want to win. I hate losing, I hate being second. I thought I pushed him as far as I could. “

Houston’s new season kicks off against the Chicago Red Stars on Friday and Daly is hoping she can bring more success to the city she now calls home.

His ambitions for the season, however, don’t just extend to national honors. She wants 2021 to be the year of her career.

“Compete in the Olympics, win the Olympics and then win the season with the Houston Dash,” added Daly.

“It’s less about individual rewards, it’s how can I help GB and Houston and look back and say ‘yes I did.’ I just want to look back and know that I absolutely have gave everything without regrets and get some trophies in the closet. “

You can see Rachel Daly’s full interview at The women’s football show Friday at 6 p.m. on Sky Sports Football.

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