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Rachel Bilson responds after Whoopi criticizes her view of sex

Since his mother Janice is a sex therapist, Bilson has always been comfortable with discussions that others may find uncomfortable.

“Growing up in a household that was so sex-positive and free and open…definitely made me more open to talking about things,” she told Yahoo! The life Relaxation series in July. “These are things that women go through, and there’s nothing related to it that feels like, ‘Oh, I shouldn’t talk about this.’

And that’s why Bilson launched the General ideas podcast with her best friend of 25 years, Olivia Allenin 2022. On the show, she welcomes a variety of guests to discuss a range of general topics, including sex, infidelity and mental health, without filters or fake niceties.

“I’m a little more unbalanced, but it’s nice to be able to feel free with that,” Bilson told E! News at the time. “Authentic is the best word and I think people want it more than ever.”

Explaining that she wanted to provide a “safe space” for women to share their experiences, Bilson said she wanted the podcast to feel like a weekly hangout with “real friends” who don’t judge each other.

“It’s just having those kindred spirits that you can go through anything with, who have been through everything and will never judge you,” she said. “I just felt like my best friends and I were always having these conversations, why not make it the norm?”


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