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R. Kelly trial: first man to speak publicly of alleged sexual assault by R. Kelly testifies at trial

Louis is the first man to speak publicly about Kelly’s alleged sexual abuse. He was indicted in a separate case and pleaded guilty in February to one count of attempting to bribe a witness.

Kelly is not accused of playing a role in the bribery attempt, and Louis said Monday Kelly was not aware of the plan.

Louis spoke to describe an over 10-year relationship with Kelly that began in a drive-thru at a McDonald’s when he was an aspiring high school rapper and ended later that year after Kelly’s arrest in 2019, when Louis decided to cooperate with federal prosecutors. in their case against the singer.

Her testimony came during the third week of Kelly’s federal trial in Brooklyn for racketeering and sex trafficking. Kelly has pleaded not guilty to all counts.

Kelly’s attorney, Thomas Farinella, made no comment on Louis’ testimony when contacted by CNN.

A Maybach at the drive-thru of a McDonald’s

Louis testified that he met Kelly in 2006 while working at a drive-thru at a Chicago-area McDonald’s during his senior year of high school, claiming that a driver and Kelly pulled up in a Maybach and eventually handed the teenager and a co-worker paper slips with Kelly’s phone number on them.

Louis testified that he gave the number to his mother, who eventually called Kelly and told her that her son was a huge fan, an aspiring rapper and “would love to work with him on (his) music.”

Kelly invited Louis, his mother and his stepfather to a party at his home and studio in the Chicago suburbs at Olympia Fields, Louis testified, and Louis was then invited several times to Kelly’s studio. Louis said he rapped for Kelly and even recorded a song in Kelly’s studio.

One day, when he was still 17, Louis said, Kelly invited him to his home, where the singer asked him what he “would do for the music.” Kelly then asked him if he had any fantasies, especially about “you and men”, to which Louis replied that he didn’t. He testified that Kelly opened the zipper on his pants and began to give him a blowjob.

“I wasn’t in it and I had no reaction, so he stopped,” Louis said. “He told me to keep this between me and him.

Louis continued to contact and meet with Kelly, he said, sometimes for parties at the singer’s house, and sometimes to watch Kelly play basketball near the McDonald’s where he worked.

When asked by Assistant US Attorney Elizabeth Geddes why he continued to spend time with Kelly, Louis said, “Because I really wanted to be successful in the music industry.”

On another visit to Kelly’s house, Louis said, the singer took him to a detached garage where he had a boxing ring and exercise equipment. He testified that Kelly snapped her fingers and that a “young woman” crawled under the boxing ring.

R. Kelly trial: first man to speak publicly of alleged sexual assault by R. Kelly testifies at trial

“She crawled up to (Kelly) and gave him a blowjob. He told her to do me the same way she did,” Louis said. He also testified that he did not “care” about oral sex with the “young woman” if it had only been between the two of them.

Louis testified that he had several “sexual encounters” with Kelly, but it was not clear from his testimony whether all of these alleged incidents took place when he was 17. He also said Kelly has recorded numerous incidents on a camcorder or iPad.

“As our relationship grew stronger, he called me more like a brother – I was his little brother,” Louis said.

A cooperation agreement

In August 2020, Louis was arrested and charged by federal prosecutors in Brooklyn with attempting to bribe a witness to stop cooperating in the case against Kelly.

This witness testified last week at trial as Kelly’s ex-girlfriend, identified only as “Jane”. She alleged Kelly sexually assaulted her when she was 17, luring her into her orbit with promises to help her music career.

Louis pleaded guilty to one count of attempted bribery and reached a cooperation agreement with prosecutors, he said Monday.

R. Kelly trial: first man to speak publicly of alleged sexual assault by R. Kelly testifies at trial

In his testimony, Louis said he offered the witness money “not to cooperate” with prosecutors.

During cross-examination, defense lawyer Deveraux Cannick pointed out that Kelly had not been charged with the attempted bribe of which Louis was part, and asked Louis why he attempted to bribe the witness.

“I was trying to help this person, I was also trying to help myself,” Louis said. “I was going to get some of the money and thought this person might have tapes on me as well.”

Louis testified that Kelly was unaware of the plan and said he was unsure where he would get the money for the bribe from.

Louis began cooperating with prosecutors on the day of his arrest, he said, and said he now faces 15 years in prison, but that he will likely receive a letter from prosecutors urging little or no prison sentence.

He testified that he had not given up on his dreams of succeeding in the music business, but was concerned that his testimony at this trial would affect his career.

“It will affect me – my reputation – in a bad way,” Louis said.

When asked by a prosecutor what Kelly – who allegedly promised to help him as an aspiring high school rapper – had finally done for his career, Louis replied, “Nothing.”