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Quimper dived in the rain on Tuesday – Quimper

It will not have escaped your notice. Heavy rains fell during part of the afternoon in the city of Quimper, this Tuesday, September 14. And the sky roared too.

According to Météo Bretagne, 29 mm of rain in the space of a few hours. This caused major traffic disruptions on the docks as well as in the Gourvily area. Around the Lebon roundabout, it was not uncommon to see cars with almost submerged wheels.

The solidarity of neighbors

The city center of Quimper was also affected. Rue Toul-al-Laër, a woman had the bad surprise to find water in her vehicle. It must be said that this street and especially that of Frout were strongly impacted by this rainy episode. Many businesses have had up to 20 centimeters of water in their shops.

At the end of the afternoon, many traders and residents came to help clean up the damage. Note also that a restaurant on this street no longer has electricity due to the rain. On the other side, the Le Ceili bar also suffered some damage. His cellar was completely flooded. Water also entered the entrances of neighboring houses.

At 7 p.m., firefighters reported 44 interventions in Quimper, especially in the north of the city, and 18 for the Rosporden-Concarneau sector. And, in total, 55 firefighters were mobilized. “There was no particular damage or injuries,” we reassure the side of the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service (Sdis) of Finistère.