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Quebec in turn introduces a health pass – RT in French

After France, Italy and New York, it is in Quebec’s turn to introduce the health pass. This new measure, announced by the Prime Minister of Quebec, is intended as a response to the increase in Covid-19 cases in La Belle Province.

François Legault, Premier of Quebec, announced on August 5 that the health pass would be implemented due to the deterioration of the health situation in Quebec. The Quebec government had already brandished the threat of such a tool in July, but the specter of a fourth wave finally got the better of any political resistance.

François Legault declared on his Twitter account that “Quebeckers who have made the effort to be vaccinated do not [devaient] not be deprived of certain activities and [devaient] be able to return to a more normal life, ”deferring the announcement of details to a later date. However, the health pass should only be used for access to certain non-essential services.

During a press conference mentioned by Radio Canada, François Legault also hammered: “No one wants to relive what we have experienced during the past year, that is to say postpone surgeries because our hospitals are overcrowded. ” He also hinted that the goal of 75% immunization coverage may change. “Unfortunately, with the Delta variant which brings more people to the hospital, we are reviewing these targets with public health,” he admitted.

The health pass, also desired by the Quebec opposition

The spokesperson for the Quebec solidaire opposition party, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, for his part regretted that this decision was announced in this way instead of being debated in a parliamentary committee. “We are impatiently awaiting the terms of this possible vaccination passport,” he declared, again according to Radio Canada.

Justin Trudeau, for his part, would have supported the establishment of the health pass, also believing that “to get through this pandemic, you have to be vaccinated”, according to comments cited by the daily canada The sun.

The introduction of the health pass in Quebec was not criticized by the opposition, quite the contrary. Dominique Anglade, leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec and of the official opposition, already demanded in July the supervision of “activities in which unvaccinated people could participate in the event of a fourth wave”.

Quebec has also innovated to encourage people to get vaccinated, in particular by creating a lottery reserved for people who have received at least a first injection of the Covid-19 vaccine.

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