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Public health France questions the figures brandished by Macron and Véran – RT in French

Based on data from Public Health France, the executive announced a vaccination rate of residents in nursing homes of nearly 100%. Nevertheless, the agency said it had suspended its count due to overestimated figures.

The Covid-19 vaccine coverage rate for nursing home residents has not been published for several days because it was “overestimated”, and work is underway to recalculate it, Public Health France reported on April 30. . However, these figures still seem to be used by the executive to highlight the progress of vaccination in France.

The latest data communicated reported the vaccination of 99% of residents of nursing homes and long-term care units (USLD), a figure regularly included by the Ministry of Health in its communication. Olivier Véran declared on April 16 at the microphone of BFM: “We vaccinated […] almost 100% of residents of nursing homes. ”

On April 30, the day the validity of the figures was questioned by Public Health France, President Emmanuel Macron relayed an infographic on his Twitter account explaining that 99% of residents of nursing homes had been vaccinated against Covid-19.

Misidentified residents, according to Public Health France

“We strongly suspect that the data were overestimated, which led us to suspend this publication,” explained Sophie Vaux, epidemiologist at Public Health France, during the agency’s weekly press briefing.

The reason for this “data quality problem”: in the Covid Vaccine database, where the data of all people vaccinated in France are entered, residents of nursing homes “are not identified as such”.

Public Health France therefore included all people over 65 vaccinated in these establishments (including non-residents) in the calculation of the vaccination coverage of nursing home residents.

“These overestimations are most certainly linked to the vaccination in nursing homes or USLDs of people over 65 who do not reside in these structures, in particular to avoid losing doses”, assures the agency in its weekly epidemiological update.

“Analyzes are underway in order to study the alternatives making it possible to produce new estimates in this population”, she adds.

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